Somebody Asked… about one size diapers

Why don’t you offer one-size diapers?

This question has been asked a lot recently, as one particular well-known brand of one-size diapers has gained popularity.

The answer is: They are not a product I believe in.

My personal experience, and based on conversations with cloth diaper users for the past five years, is that sized diapers are a much better option for most families. One-size diapers tend to be hard to fit on newborns, and often aren’t big enough for bigger/older kids. They tend to be completely worn out after use by one kid.

That’s not to say that they’re not a good choice for some families – they are. If you’re only going to diaper one child, and you’re OK with the possibility of having to supplement with sized diapers on either side (newborn and older), one-size diapers might very well be an excellent choice.

But I have a hard time selling items that I don’t personally believe in. I tend to talk people out of them, lol, and that’s not a good sales technique. (And I think it’s dishonest.)

Is there a chance I’ll offer one-size diapers in the future? It’s not likely, but if I decide to devote time to making a one-size pattern, I’ll be sure to post here when I need testers!!


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