Family Movie Night: Brother Bear

I will admit, Brother Bear is NOT my favorite Disney movie. By a long shot. But I was planning out movie nights at Gymnastics one day, and I had to go by memory of what movies we own. So… Brother Bear it was.

On the menu:

Genna’s been playing with the neighbor boy most afternoons, so we didn’t make a craft today. 🙂

In exciting news, Teddy has started eating chicken nuggets. It’s his first/only meat so far. So he got chicken for dinner. 🙂

Yeah, Genna was expected to eat one bite of broccoli. This single bite of broccoli was preceded by 30 minutes of crying.

The mousse wasn’t very smooth. I’m not sure why. Probably because I’m not skilled.


Family Movie Night: A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life is an underappreciated Disney movie. Wally went through a period where he REALLY loved this movie when he was a preschooler, but we haven’t watched it since then.


On the menu:
– Grasshopper Juice (lime sherbet + 7up)
– Nuts and Seeds
– Caterpillars (grapes speared with toothpicks)
– Ants on a Log (raisins and peanut butter on celery)
– Fried Beetles (we ended up with popcorn chicken)
– Flik’s Grains (corn)
-Bug Cookies for dessert (which we didn’t make because it was 18 million degrees that day and I couldn’t turn on the oven)

Family Movie Night: Frozen and Mulan



OF COURSE we’ve seen Frozen. 18 billion times. But I’ve wanted to serve Soup, Roast, and Ice Cram for a long time, lol. (Like Anna says will be at her wedding.)


So, on our menu:

– Soup (Yep, I did good old Campbell’s)
– Roast (just regular Roast in a crock pot)
– Sven’s Carrots (but I cooked them, because that’s how Genna asked for them)
– We finish each other’s Sandwiches
– Ice Cubes in water
– Ice Cream
– Chocolates

OF COURSE, right? I can’t think of a movie besides Beauty and the Beast that has more obvious food choices. (Ok, Ratatouille…)


Our activity was going to be making Frozen sparkly gloop, but guess what? If you make gloop using sparkly glue because you think it’ll be a nice shortcut… yeah, no. Doesn’t work. And that was all the glue we had, because my husband bought us the wrong glue at the store… so we moved to Plan B: Assemble your own Olaf.




OK, well, we did Mulan on a hot day when I was really tired. We ordered Chinese take out from the grocery store and took zero pictures. Yay us.

Family Movie Night: Finding Nemo and Up


I’m a little behind in blogging these, but that’s ok. 🙂  Our next movie night was Finding Nemo! I think we’ve all seen it several times, but I was in the mood for fish, so Nemo it was!

The menu included:

  • Fish sticks – though I got lazy and we ended up with fillets.
  • Octopus – hot dogs sliced up to look like octopus
  • Sea Shells – macaroni and cheese made with shell macaroni
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Watermelon cut to look like a shark
  • Ocean Water (ok, really, just water.)
  • Fish-shaped Cookies


You can see that I could have done a better job with the watermelon, lol.


Goldfish crackers are one of the foods Teddy eats, so that was his dinner.


And our craft for the afternoon was making a fish from a TP tube. Generally speaking, the eye goes on the flat side there, but whatever!



Up is one of those movies we don’t watch much. It’s just never been anyone’s favorite. We chose Up for our movie night on vacation, since the menu was easy to make away from home.

Of course we decorated with lots of balloons. Teddy, however, has a thing with balloons. They’re not allowed to stay inflated.

On the Menu:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Watermelon
  • Corn on the Cob
  • French Fries
  • Grape Soda
  • Helium Balloon Bunches

The Helium Balloon Bunches were Rice Krispie Bars made with Trix instead of Rice Krispies and shaped into balls on straws. Tip: wear gloves and butter them well.


Family Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast

After discovering that I was the only person in our family to have ever seen Beauty and the Beast, we decided it needed to be our next movie night. (PS, what’s up with the Human Again song? They added that after the original release, I’m assuming? Lame.)

We decorated the table with candles and my teapot. We’re keeping it classy with shot glasses as candle holders, lol. I own fancy candle holders, but I evidently don’t know where they are. Gee, haven’t used them much in the last 12 years. And my fancy teapots are all in storage, so we settled for my everyday workhorse teapot.

Also note that we spent the better part of dinnertime relighting the candles and blowing them out again, followed by demands to make a cake to go along with the candles (Teddy thought it might be his birthday).

Dinner was:

Soup Du Jour (chicken noodle)

Hot Hors D’Oeuvres (we just bought some frozen ones because me = lazy)

Cheese Souffle (ok, it was on the menu… but then I did a reality check mid-afternoon and realized that there was just no way I was actually making that. I’m a very inattentive cook, and souffle requires some level of focus.)

Beef Ragout (recipe here)

The Grey Stuff (it really is delicious) (recipe here)

Wine for the grownups and Grape Juice for the kids plus me

For our activity, we read a few stories in the afternoon, but honestly… that’s not entirely unusual for our house, and I don’t think anyone really linked the two.

We tied our napkins ’round our necks, Cherie.

The Grey Stuff