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Family Movie Night: Planes: Fire and Rescue

I decided it was time to watch one of Teddy’s movies for Family Movie Night. Usually, I’ve tried to pick movies we don’t watch very frequently, but I thought Teddy would appreciate watching one of his favorites. And by “favorites,” I mean, we’ve watched it at least 1000 times, and that’s not an exaggeration.


So the menu for the night was:

Airplane Smokies

Corn Festival Corn on the Cob

Dottie’s Favorite Vegetable, Green Beans (betcha didn’t know that, didja?)

Fire Extinguishing Fluid to drink (water)

Fire Jello (layered red and orange jello topped with fire retardant, aka Whipped Cream)

Red Warning Lights (so… we had strawberries that needed to be eaten…)

and for a snack during the movie, we had Fire. Fire was supposed to be Cheetos, but we had a last-minute inspiration with red, yellow, and orange sweet peppers instead!

The airplanes were super fun. Little Smokies wrapped with Crescent roll dough (yeah, from a can) and baked, and then small popsicle sticks stuck through them.

For decorations, I asked Teddy to get out all of his Planes toys and put them on the table. This lasted for a while, but ultimately, all the planes ended up at Teddy’s spot, of course.

We did zero activities. Teddy fell asleep mid-afternoon and Genna played with the neighbor boy and it was actually quiet and I had orders waiting for me, so we just didn’t worry about it. 🙂 I’m not sure what we’d have done, anyway.



Family Movie Night: Peter Pan

Peter Pan’s a movie with a little bit for everyone. Good music. Sword fighting. Tinkerbell. Seriously racist depictions of native populations. It’d been a while since we’d watched it, so I chose it for our next movie night. I delegated dinner prep to Randy while the kids and I made Peter Pan hats from green construction paper.

The menu:

Pirate Ship Hot Dogs

Tinkerbell’s Favorite Dip

Lost Boys Swords

Mermaid Lagoon

Sea Water


The pirate ships were just hot dogs in toasted buns with pirate sails. I had intended for the pirate sail making to be a family activity and everyone could decorate their own sail, but we had another afternoon of peaceful sibling play and it seemed a shame to break that up. Yeah, I’m a firm believer in leaving well enough alone.

Tinkerbell’s favorite dip turns out to be ranch dip – who knew? And the Lost Boys swords were carrot and celery sticks.

Mermaid Lagoon was just blue Jello, and the Sea Water was just blue water.


Teddy mostly ate cheese, but he did lick a hot dog – one of only a handfuls of interactions with meat that he’s tolerated. So that was happy.

I didn’t have a chance to take pictures, but we did some Walking the Plank before the movie – we have a small balance beam (it’s a 2×4, lol) and we draped it across various sturdy and not so sturdy household objects and took turns walking across it.


Genna put on her Tinkerbell dress and shoes and got her plush Tinkerbell from Teddy’s Wish trip to DisneyWorld before we settled down to watch the movie.

Family Movie Night – Big Hero 6

We decided to start a weekly family movie night. It’s a very Pinterest-y thing for me to do, lol. And while it might not seem like it has a whole heck of a lot to do with Babywearing, Cloth Diapering, and Medical Needs… hey, the common denominator there is that we all have kids. And probably most of us watch movies, and like to do fun things with our families.

I don’t have quite the budget that Pinterest moms do, and I also don’t have major movie companies sending me money and promotional items. So this is the budget (aka: realistic) version of Family Movie Night.

I decided to start with Big Hero 6 because my husband hasn’t seen it yet, and I’m tired of him not knowing what I’m talking about when I use quotes from the movie in a humorous way.


The only Big Hero 6 things we own are a “pillow” Baymax (plush – but Teddy calls it “pillow”) and he’s completely white – I wasn’t about to put Pillow Baymax anywhere near a dinner table, but I did prop him up with our desserts. And we also own small plastic Baymax and Hiro, but Teddy wouldn’t consent to using them to decorate.

During the day, Teddy and Genna colored pictures from Big Hero 6 that I found online (I’d provide a link, but honestly just Google). We also cut out and assembled Baymax from this website. We didn’t make him into a puppet, just assembled with brass fasteners. (OF COURSE I have brass fasteners – we homeschool. If you don’t, there’s no reason you couldn’t glue it.)

I decided our menu would be:

  • Hiro Sandwiches
  • Chicken Wings with the sauce that makes our faces numb
  • Sliced Apple (from when Wasabi throws the apple through the laser)
  • Gummy Bears (from when Baymax is training and Hiro yells Gummy Bears!!)
  • Banana Sushi (sushi seems like a San Fransokyo thing, and the banana variety seemed more palatable to my unadventurous 7 year old)
  • Baymax Marshmallows

After Randy got home from work, Genna helped me make the Baymax marshmallows while Wally finished up a school assignment he had inexplicably not done before moving on to free time activities this afternoon. We also assembled the Banana Sushi, sliced the apple, and put some gummy bears in a jar. And got the sandwich stuff ready.

Banana Sushi: Spread a tortilla with marshmallow fluff and then peanut butter. Wrap it around a banana. Slice. Yum!

After dinner, there was some level of chaos as adults and oldest kid cleaned up, middle kid pretended to help clean up but mostly ran in circles, and youngest lost both his left slipper and his sippy cup. “It gone! It disappear!” We settled in for our movie – Teddy with some more coloring pages and crayons and Pillow Baymax – and mom reminded the kids approx 18,000 times to stop telling dad major plot points.