All About… Waist Belt Pouches

What Can’t You Fit in our Babywearing Waist Belt Pouches?

One of our more popular babywearing accessories is the Waist Belt Pouch. This handy accessory slips over the waistband of your SSC and holds your stuff.

What can they hold?

Keys, money, credit cards in a Compact size. (Some phones will fit in the Compact size.)

A cell phone, keys, some money, credit cards, an EpiPen, and a snack in a Regular size.

A cell phone, keys, some money, and credit cards in a Large size.

All of the above, plus a diaper and wipes (in a Small wet bag) in a Large size.

Tube feeding supplies in a Large pouch.

Hiking Kit in a Compact pouch.

Hiking Kits in a Large pouch.  (Notice my Freshette “lady penis.” It’s my favorite hiking companion – especially for babywearing. Lets you pee standing up, without depantsing.)

Medications in a Syringe Holster in a Large pouch – prefilled syringes not in a Holster might fit in the Compact or Regular, depending on how big they are and how many.

For many people, they can fit their necessities inside, and avoid having to carry a bigger bag or purse.

We offer three sizes. Compact size is about 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Regular is about 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Large is about 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The Large has snaps on the outside that allow you to snap it up smaller for times when you don’t need the full capacity.

Obviously, I’m not wearing a child in the carrier in these pictures. All pictures are with a Tula. Evidently, I’m just too lazy to get out my other carriers.

The pouches are constructed with canvas or twill on the back and the belt loop. The side that shows is made of cotton, typically in a fun print. The inside is made from either flannel, soft cotton, or a linen blend, depending on what we have on hand in a color that coordinates with the outside.

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Tula Covers – Give yourself variety without breaking the bank!

You know you’d like to own five or six (or more) Tula baby carriers – there are so many fun prints, and wearing the same carrier every day gets kind of boring, right? But your bank account says “absolutely not!” Right?

Slipcovers to the rescue!

Are you thinking about your Great Aunt Gertrude’s sofa? Our slipcovers are way cooler than that.

Show off your fandom:

Support your favorite team:

Show support for a cause:

Simply add some of your personal style:  

Let everyone know how awesome your taste is:
(OK, that’s a Doctor Who print, for those of you who don’t know that.)

Our Tula slipcovers are fully reversible, so you get two looks for the price of one!
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Onbuhimos to the Rescue!

Looking for a great, fast, easy-up carrier for your older baby or toddler? Look no further than a traditional onbuhimo from Wallypop.

We have many customers who prefer an onbu over a mei tai or ssc for back carries with their older babies and toddlers (generally, babies with good head control on up). Onbus can also be worn on the front for nursing or for snuggles. 🙂

We just finished up these lovely Onbus, which are now available for purchase –  Many come with hoods and suck pads. 🙂

Are you a Central Iowa Babywearer? We’ve got an awesome group for you!

Central Iowa Babywearers – a place for central Iowa babywearing families and central Iowa babywearing businesses to come together. Central Iowa Babywearers is all about keeping it local. Local events. Local Businesses. Local Sales. Local Families.



New Products: Tula Toppers, SSC Pouches, and SSC Cases/Bags

I cannot believe I delayed making these items for so long! Get yours on Etsy or on our website!

First, the Tula Topper.

I wanted to make a Tula Topper that was fully reversible, snap-on, and gave easy access to the snaps. I started with my Slipcover pattern, cut here, added there, and… I LOVE this pattern.

It turns completely inside-out, so you really get two Toppers in one. It snaps into place, so you can attach it even once you’re wearing the Tula if you need to. It has buttonholes on the inside to facilitate access to the hood snaps. It goes partway up the straps, giving them some protection, as well.

Our Tula Toppers are made with two cotton prints and a layer of absorbent cotton or hemp, but I can also add a layer of PUL upon request (same for our suck pads!). I plan to keep just a few of these as ready to ship, but will mainly make them as a custom item, so you can pick your own fabrics. Want a Topper that matches your Tula? Chances are good we can do that. Want one with Superheroes for your little superhero? We can do that. Want one in Doctor Who, Star Wars, or any other nerdy thing? You KNOW we can do that.

Then, the SSC Pouch. How simple and necessary.

It’s a slightly smaller version of the Clutch I make as a custom add-on for custom baby carriers, but instead of a wristlet-style strap, it features a belt strap that attaches it neatly to your SSC (or MT) belt or shoulder strap, with no dangling. It’s a handy place to store your keys, phone, and wallet. This size won’t quite hold a cloth diaper, though it’ll fit a disposable, but we plan to offer a slightly larger size, as well.

The SSC Pouch will fit on any SSC or Mei Tai.

The Pouch is made with a decorative cotton on the outside and canvas on the back. The inside is soft flannel. Similar to most of our other accessories, this will be offered as both ready to ship and custom.

And finally, the SSC Case/Bag/Cover. Yeah, I have no idea what to call it.

This handy little accessory wraps around your SSC to keep it clean and to keep it tidy instead of all octopus-like spread out all over your car, diaper bag, living room, etc. Though the pictures show it with the waist belt OUTSIDE, you can also tuck the waist belt inside if you want to throw your SSC into your diaper bag or for storage.

It will fit on any SSC. It will also fit around Mei Tais, but for most Mei Tais, it won’t make as small of a package as you could get just folding it up and wrapping the straps around it.

Look at how easy it is to use! Fold, fold, snap!

It can be left partially snapped around your SSC’s waistband while you’re wearing it.