All About… Waist Belt Pouches

What Can’t You Fit in our Babywearing Waist Belt Pouches?

One of our more popular babywearing accessories is the Waist Belt Pouch. This handy accessory slips over the waistband of your SSC and holds your stuff.

What can they hold?

Keys, money, credit cards in a Compact size. (Some phones will fit in the Compact size.)

A cell phone, keys, some money, credit cards, an EpiPen, and a snack in a Regular size.

A cell phone, keys, some money, and credit cards in a Large size.

All of the above, plus a diaper and wipes (in a Small wet bag) in a Large size.

Tube feeding supplies in a Large pouch.

Hiking Kit in a Compact pouch.

Hiking Kits in a Large pouch.  (Notice my Freshette “lady penis.” It’s my favorite hiking companion – especially for babywearing. Lets you pee standing up, without depantsing.)

Medications in a Syringe Holster in a Large pouch – prefilled syringes not in a Holster might fit in the Compact or Regular, depending on how big they are and how many.

For many people, they can fit their necessities inside, and avoid having to carry a bigger bag or purse.

We offer three sizes. Compact size is about 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Regular is about 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Large is about 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The Large has snaps on the outside that allow you to snap it up smaller for times when you don’t need the full capacity.

Obviously, I’m not wearing a child in the carrier in these pictures. All pictures are with a Tula. Evidently, I’m just too lazy to get out my other carriers.

The pouches are constructed with canvas or twill on the back and the belt loop. The side that shows is made of cotton, typically in a fun print. The inside is made from either flannel, soft cotton, or a linen blend, depending on what we have on hand in a color that coordinates with the outside.

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