WIP: Wally’s Sweater

I got one sleeve done, and I have the other sleeve part done. I found someone on Ravelry to sell me their leftover Caribou and I’ll get some Oregano, too, and then I can finish it up, hopefully by Wally’s birthday in April!!



WIP: Wally’s Sweater




It’s coming along nicely. I’m about 3/4 done with one sleeve…. and I’m not going to have enough of either color to finish. I’m so mad. I ordered more than the pattern indicated, and STILL don’t have enough. The main problem is that KnitPicks is out of Caribou (the brown) until May. MAY!!! I certainly hope he doesn’t need a sweater in May.


I hate buying yarn for projects… I hate ending up with all these leftover extra skeins, which is why I didn’t order extra extra skeins for this sweater. Grrr.


Anyone have KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Caribou? I also need Oregano, while I’m at it, but I can order that from KnitPicks right now. I just don’t want to have to wait until May to finish. I’ll be all off my groove.

WIP: Eragon Socks

Eragon Sock - 4/7

I finally got my Eragon socks cast on. The yarn is just lovely – the nicest sock yarn I’ve worked with yet (OK, and the third sock yarn I’ve worked with, but it IS lovely.) It’s from Monkeypal at Etsy. The pattern is nice, it’s the pattern that my Eragon Gauntlets were based on, so I’m pretty familiar with it. I’m just not feeling the love, though, for some reason.

Commence the Geek Knitting

Alright, I have decided to embrace my inner geek. I have resisted just-for-fun geek knitting, because I still have little use for things that are neither functional nor beautiful (bonus points if you can name who said this). But I’m starting on a string of geek knitting that does have function.

Project One: Dragon Gauntlets in bright blue, reminiscent of Saphria from Eragon. (see, I warned you.)

Knitting - 3/25


And here is the link to the project’s page at Ravelry, with pattern information. No yarn information though, it’s from my mom’s stash with, predictably, no label.

After I get these done, I’ll be doing some socks with the same dragon scale pattern, then a few other geeky surprises, including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Nintendo Geekiness. Some Stargate thrown in there, too, for good measure.

Socks for Randy (husband)

So this is an odd perspective for this picture, but hey, that’s alright. This is the SECOND sock of a pair of socks for my husband, who has very large feet. So large, in fact, that I’m rather bored with the whole Knitting Him A Pair Of Socks thing. Plus, he has very large ankles and the first time he put on the first sock, he totally broke the bind off, even though I’d used the stretchiest bindoff I know. I ended up increasing a bunch around the top before binding off and it worked like a charm, though the sock appears ruffled when it’s not on. More pictures and pattern information when I finish them!!