Personal sewing

I was an extra good girl over Labor Day weekend and worked hard to get my Work work finished. Then I snuck down and took some time to get my own projects finished. I continued working on these in snippets throughout the week – they’re all small, fast projects. I love having them done!

Personal sewing
Three jumpers for the fall for Genna. I’ve been hoarding these corduroy prints for several years, so now that cord costs far more than I’ve ever seen it… I didn’t have to pay the higher prices for it. Yay! All based on the same pattern, but each with slight differences. Experimenting with how I like to do the facings.

Personal sewing
Baby gown.

Personal sewing
Found these all but finished in my Unfinished Projects box. They were originally going to be embroidered or painted and listed on Etsy, but with new laws in place now, I’m choosing not to list children’s products with zippers. And of course they’re too small for Miss Genna. Fortunately, I know people having babies.

Personal sewing
Fleece sleeper for new baby, made with leftover scraps from the pouch (below).

Personal sewing
New fleece pouch for new baby. Not sure I like it now that it’s finished.

Personal sewing Personal sewing
Two fall/winter skirts for me.

Personal sewing
New carseat cover for Genna. Her old one was FILTHY. This one is kind of busy, but I have several Disney prints I bought for a particular project that I never did and I’m kind of trying to use them up. She was delighted.


More spring sewing

I haven’t felt much like cleaning lately. I mean, I’m doing the minimum – picking up toys and washing dishes and cleaning up the 8,000 messes that the two kids and husband make every day. But I haven’t felt like REALLY cleaning – scrubbing and sorting and A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place. Instead, I’ve been reading, knitting, and sewing personal stuff. I tend to hate February. Hate it. Longest month of the year. Cold, depressing. So very winter. ugh.

So, you know, I’m hibernating.

At any rate, I made myself three more skirts and Genna two dresses. A pair of new PJ pants has been requested by Wally, so I hope to get those done next week.

spring skirt spring skirt

(please ignore the lack of ironing, but feel free to admire my awesome socks.) These two skirts are both made from linen – the green is a nice organic linen I picked up on clearance. The tan is the same linen I use for many of my Wallypop and Boulevard Designs products. I always have a bolt or two on hand. I used my Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt tutorial, but actually made myself a paper pattern for a two-panel skirt (a front piece and a back piece) and then cut it out on the bias for both of these skirts. I don’t tend to do bias-cut skirts often, because they use SO MUCH fabric, and I’m cheap that way, but I love the drape of bias skirts.

The green one, I cut out a wedge from the side of the hem and inserted a little ruffle. I think this might have worked out better with a less stiff fabric, but it still looks ok. The green one is made with a zipper at the side waist. The tan one, I cut wider and bound the waist with Fold over Elastic (the elastic binding sometimes used on diapers and covers) to make an easy pull on skirt. I totally borrowed the idea from, I think, Amy Karol at Angry Chicken. I’ve used FOE to bind gathered edges of tops, and on children’s clothes, but never on a skirt waistband.

spring skirt
This one is another made from leftovers from ring slings. It’s a four-panel skirt, using the ideas in the Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt tutorial, but making the waist wider to use elastic instead of a zipper.

wrap dresssundress

Genna’s dresses. The blue one is made from a McCall’s pattern (I do actually own patterns, too!). The wrap dress is from this tutorial at Tiny Happy. It would have looked way, way cuter with handmade bias tape, but I was quickly running out of naptime and decided for forgo the pretty, wide bias tape in favor of something pulled from my Bin Of Bias Tape. The dress is actually quite large, and probably won’t fit her well until next year, which is a little disappointing, particularly considering that I could have easily figured this out by just taking a minute to think about it. Ah, well.

Sundresses are my absolute favorite for Genna. They can be made appropriate for winter simply by putting a long sleeve shirt underneath, and maybe some pants or Little Leg Warmers. In spring, or cooler days in summer, they are matched with a short sleeve shirt and Little Leg Warmers if needed. And of course, they can be worn as is for hot weather. Many sundresses also last for several years, if they’re wide and drapey, which is an added bonus.

Spring clothes

I put together some really super quick spring clothes for Genna and a little for me, too.

my skirt Genna jammies Genna jammie pants
My skirt and some jammies for Genna.

Genna's new skirt Genna's new skirt
Genna’s skirts

The skirts were all made from scraps leftover from Ring Slings, so you might recognize the fabrics, lol. I didn’t use a pattern for the skirts, I rarely do. Mine is simply strips of fabric sewn together into a tube, then folded over at the top with Elastic and hemmed at the bottom. One of Genna’s skirts is silk, and is just two tubes of silk sewn together at the waist. I didn’t even hem this one, since the selvage edge of the fabric was quite nicely finished already. Genna’s ruffle skirt is actually made from some nice organic cotton I picked up for a few dollars on clearance at Joann’s a year or so ago, and the ruffle is ring sling scraps.

Genna’s jammies were made using a pair of pants and a shirt that fit her well as a pattern. The fabric is more Joann’s clearance – waffle weave cotton – and the striped capris are again leftover ring sling scraps.

You might notice that my personal sewing is all really simple stuff. Often, people wonder why I don’t sew fancier things.

It’s because I sew every day for hours every day.

When I sew something for me, or my kids, or whatever, I really don’t want it to be some long, involved project that requires careful attention to detail. I used to sew those things. I just don’t have the patience to do it these days. I’m usually trying to squeeze personal sewing in between order processing, sewing for inventory, taking care of the kids, washing dishes, etc. If I can sit down and whip out two skirts in a half hour, that’s GREAT.

Sitting down to a dress or skirt that’s going to take 8 hours… not so great!


I spent Monday and Tuesday afternoons screenprinting. (That sounds more idyllic than it was. It was screenprinting – which is a time-sensitive activity, because you don’t want to let the ink dry in the screen – with a two year old screaming and a 6 year old antoganizing her.)

Most of what I made is just for me, or for gifts, but I made a few things that I’ll list on Etsy at some point in January.

The mudflap book reading girl is actually a freezer paper stencil, the others are screenprints.

A few personal crafting projects finished up

Wally’s new winter hat. I started with a hat pattern, but pretty much rewrote it. That said, this is a really really simple hat pattern. Then I lined it with microfleece to make it nice and toasty. I love it, and he will wear it, so we’re all happy.


An apron for me. I couldn’t resist this fabric with the chickens, but I wasn’t really sure what to make from it. I mean, it’s not exactly skirt or blouse material… so I made an apron.