Gifts for Transplant Recipients

There are so many great ideas out there for transplant recipients, it was hard to narrow them down! It seems like heart and kidney transplants get all the love, so I tried to be particularly mindful about including other organs and also cornea, bone marrow, and stem cells.

Stacked Transplant Keychain

metal bracelet with stamped tags

These are really nice looking tags, and the seller has them available for many types of transplants – solid organ, bone marrow, cornea, and stem cell. $25 This shop also has several other organ transplant related engraved and stamped items.

Heart Transplant Lucky Penny

A white tumbler with words

A penny from the year of your transplant, engraved. For heart transplants. $12

Wash Your Damn Hands!

A vinyl hand santizer holder with the plague doctor and Wash Your Damn Hands!

Also available in a non sweary version. Transplant recipients were using hand sanitizer before it was cool. $12

Organ Hand Sanitizer Holders

A vinyl hand santizer holder with the plague doctor and Wash Your Damn Hands!

Yes, hand sanitizers are a part of every transplant recipient’s must-haves. These holders are also personalizable – put a hashtag on the back, or the date of the transplant, or even a name. $12

aaaand I’m Back Heart Transplant Shirt

Stamped metal keychain.

Perfect for the heart transplant recipient in your life. $16

Organ Keychains

Available in a variety of organs, with custom text or plain. Show your transplanted organ some love with this keychain – attaches to keys, obviously, but many people use it as a tag on their backpack or purse, as well. $8

Organ Ornaments

Embroidered and knit ornaments to celebrate your transplant. $10

Recycled Parts Bodysuit

You can also find similar designs for adults. My T-Bear had a shirt very similar to this after his transplant. 🙂 $16

Transplant Tough Tshirt

metal bracelet with stamped tags

Show everyone that you’re Transplant Tough with this tells-it-like-it-is Tshirt! $19

You Can’t Say No To Me

metal bracelet with stamped tags

This one makes me laugh! $20 on Amazon


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