Wallypop makes Drudge Report

Wow. Drudge changes all the time, so the link might be gone now, but here’s a screenshot:

The link (“Bottom reached”) leads to this brief snarky bit in an Australian paper.

I am simultaneously delighted and hurt and amused. First, I love the implication that I’m part of some vast left-wing environmental conspiracy. Second, the traffic to Wallypop has been THROUGH THE ROOF today. Hoping I don’t exceed my bandwidth, actually. Third, OMG – DRUDGE!! (First, Drudge. Second, Limbaugh. Next: The world!!)

At the same time, I never understand these types. Will reusable toilet wipes save the planet? Hardly. I use them because they’re cheaper than buying TP, and they’re so soft. (just like diapers) (I mean, that’s why I use cloth diapers.) Do some of my customers use them as part of their overall environmental mission? Probably.

But I don’t ever imply they WILL save the planet. “For one, it’s a lot more comfortable and soft on your most delicate body parts. It’s also more economical, uses less paper, and saves you those late-night trips to the store. And cloth wipes can be used wet without any of the sopping disintegration that regular toilet paper is prone to.” (I’ll note, I have a LOT of customers who prefer to wipe with wet cloths, and buy my wipes for that purpose alone. Wet TP is no fun.)

But what’s hurtful is all the snarky comments after the snarky article. Comments from people who I probably have more in common with than they think. I’m a conservative and I’m not an environmentalist. You don’t need to read too much of my online stuff – blogs, twitter, Facebook – to see that. People who are on MY SIDE politically who think it’s A-OK to be so judgemental.

I’m really about saving money and keeping my PERSONAL environment clean…if that happens to coincide with things that others feel will also help the planet, then that’s a happy coincidence. It’s not my mission, though. However, I’m not out to judge those who feel differently.

Actually, I have advocated for YEARS that people who are concerned with the environment AS WELL AS others like many conservatives should be embracing the grassroots stuff like cloth diapers… when choosing reusable or recycled or whatever is a CHOICE and not a government mandate, we’re ALL better off. And so companies like Wallypop exist to give people that choice.

If you don’t want to use them, then don’t.

I had a nastygram from some Australian guy this morning (one of several – thanks guys – I have nothing better to do with two sick kids and orders to process than read your hate mail) suggesting that I was PUSHING a natural lifestyle on people.

Really, if only I could… Randy could quit his job and Wallypop would quickly become the Empire it was always meant to be. Ha ha.

But really, I would never push this stuff on anyone. People who stop by the Wallypop booth at the hospital baby fairs certainly learn that. “Oh, cloth diapers, that is NOT for me!” my response? “OK. I have a flyer that debunks some common myths if you’re interested. Thanks for stopping by!” Whatever. To each his own.


Author: sarahtar

Hi, I am Sarah, owner of Wallypop (wallypop.net) and Boulevard Designs (boulevarddesigns.etsy.com). I homeschool, work from home, and, along with my husband, raise 3 kids, one of whom has special and medical needs. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

12 thoughts on “Wallypop makes Drudge Report”

  1. EEEEEwwwwwwww! Should you be required to post a note on your door – certainly a note on the bathroom door – notifiying visitors of the disgusting, backward, 3rd world, unsanitary, fanatical bathroom policy? Do you think?


  2. Not my cup of tea…But to each his own…the buttwipes that is….now I suppose if you can wipe a baby’s butt with cloth, an adult could do the same.

    As for people threatening you over how you choose to wipe your behind..that’s childish and uncalled for.

    You do have some neat products, however šŸ™‚

    Best of luck with your business,

    Boise, Idaho

  3. Hang in there! There are lots of people doing just what you are doing. And many, including myself, read Drudge regularly. It’s more about cutting costs for us than anything else….thanks to the U.S. and world economy.

    What’s Matt Drudge going to do when he can’t get toilet paper anymore?

    I’m with Phill in Boise. I hope this helps you business SOAR!

    Kristin in Tennessee

  4. As a conservative who proudly drives a giant SUV to drive around my many children, I clicked on the Drudge link expecting to read about yet another envirowacko (as Rush terms them) foisting their ridiculous ideas on me and my family. Instead I found a mom like me, who is obviously just trying to do her own thing, save some money and provide a bit for her family. People would figure this out if they’d spend more than two seconds on your site. I’m sorry that some have been so rude and hurtful, but please know that some of us have stumbled across an idea that may just have merit. At the very least, I’ll be ordering some of your other products in the near future, and I hope many more do as well.

  5. i think i like you more everyday! you rock hard, mama! i use fam wipes now that i’m preggie and have trouble with traditional toilet paper and yes…we wash our hands after every trip to the potty…its called universal precaution and cleanliness!

    i am soooo proud to be a pre-Drudge Wallypop customer, you know, its kind of a status thing!

    i’m guessing the loonies that are outraged and threatening to you are breastfeeding and cloth diapering haters also…well, you can’t fix….that!


  6. Wow, Sarah, what a “load” of childish comments on the Drudge Report! I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all that! To each his own, but it sounds far more comfortable than the pages of the Sears Roebuck catalog my grandpa used as a kid! šŸ™‚

    I’m a kinda crunchy and frugal conservative, and I think it’s terrible the writer and the posters made such poor assumptions and jumped to conclusions rather than doing a little research and then making a rational, reasonable response. It does not reflect well on conservatives to be “represented” by those who are so irrationally judgmental.

    Good luck and hang in there! šŸ™‚

  7. It’s too bad people jump to conclusions and stale stereotypes instead of educating themselves first before making such personal, mean-spirited comments. I for one am consider myself a conservative, and not a “hippie”, and yet I chose to cloth diaper and use cloth wipes on my children for many reasons besides “saving the planet”. I haven’t made the leap to cloth wipes for myself yet, however, I don’t see what all the fuss is about and surely it’s not worth calling your home or leaving nasty comments. I hope all this attention brings you some business by more open-minded individuals!

  8. I’m actually politically a rabid conservative…yet I cloth diaper, babywear, extended breast feed, recycle, buy handmade, wool/wood kids toys, and use reusable unpaper products all over my house…not so much a hippie here!

    I think it is sad people jump to conclusions too…the overwhelming thought is that we are all like Sheryl Crow and want to wipe our mouths on our sleeves during a meal or publicly exhort people for using more than 2 squares of toilet paper (eww)…not so much. We have cloth napkins and fam wipes for that!

  9. I am very impressed with your responses to all this hoopla! Well said. I hope all the publicity is great for your business- it probably will be. šŸ™‚

    I was so surprised the other morning to hear Neal Boortz (a local syndicated talk show host) mention “Wallypop”- he was lambasting your family wipes. Don’t mind him- he just LOVES to stir up trouble and doesn’t necessarily believe what he’s saying. I was equally surprised to hear him go on to say that his now-grown daughter was exclusively cloth diapered, and that cloth wipes worked great! (LOL). Anyway I thought, “Wallypop?!? I know them!!”, and here I am.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with all the nastiness. Are these people for real?!!? Good luck! šŸ™‚

  10. Sarah,

    Sorry you have had to deal with all the crazies. I am with you, a frugal conservative who tries to use as few disposable products as possible. I was thrilled to recently discover your snack bags, as I have been looking for a way to avoid using all those little plastic bags. I just hate wasting things! I have to deal with my own husband calling me a “commie” (lovingly, of course). Why can’t people make the distinction between politics and common sense? Ugh!

    I love Wallypop, you are the best! I hope that all of this helps your business, and that the crazies dissapear soon.

  11. *hugs*
    What a load of snarky.
    You gotta love how offering them quietly for sale on your website is somehow forcing them on others or mandating a TP tax…

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