Gifts for Therapists

Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists – are your lives as full of therapies as ours are? If your family has a therapist who has made a difference in your lives and you wish to express your appreciation with a gift, we’ve gathered some ideas for you!

Everyone Deserves a Voice Bracelet

metal bracelet with stamped tags

Perfect for your favorite speech therapist, this bracelet acknowledges the role he or she has played in your or your loved one’s life – giving them a voice. $19

I Teach Kids To Talk Back tumbler

A white tumbler with words

This funny tumbler is perfect for a speech therapist with a sense of humor. $27

Wash Your Darn Hands!

A vinyl hand santizer holder with the plague doctor and Wash Your Darn Hands!

I know all of my kiddo’s therapists were big hand-washing advocates long before all this pandemic stuff happened – and what therapist doesn’t need their own personal bottle of santizier? $11

You Make a Difference tag

Stamped metal keychain.

Nice for any therapist, this tag lets them know they’ve made a difference in your life. $24

Thanks for Helping me Grow Keychain

This is a neat little keychain for an OT – the same shop also has one for a PT $6

PT Journey of a Thousand Miles Keychain

And a similar keychain for a PT, complete with a tiny dumbell! $9