Gifts for Nurses

Does your family have a special nurse or two? Maybe you or your loved one started dialysis this year, so you’ve relied upon your dialysis nurse for support and education. Or maybe you have a home nurse who’s really made a difference in your life. Maybe you’ve got a favorite floor nurse who’s in your file as a permanent request any time you’re admitted. Looking for a way to show your appreciation, but need some ideas? Well I am here to help!

Personalized, Stamped Stethoscope ID Tag

Pink Stethoscope with a metal, stamped tag.

These are adorable. They are hand-stamped and slip right around your favorite nurse’s stethoscope. $9.00

Organ Hand Sanitizer Holders

A group of hand sanitizer holders with different organs, like kidneys, lungs, etc.

Personalizable with a name, our organ sanitizers are great for nurses in specialty clinics. We can also make them with initials instead of organs! $12 at Wallypop.

Personalized Badge Reel

Resin Badge Reel that's sparkly pink with initals LPN.

These are available in a range of colors and patterns, and can be personalized with your favorite nurse’s initials, or her professional designation. $9.50

Wine Glass

Wine Glass with Vinyl lettering with a prescription for wine.

This wine glass cracked me up when I happened across it. If your nurse enjoys wine after work, this might be the perfect gift. $10.50

Personalized Heartbeat Keychain

embroidered red vinyl with a heart and a heartbeat with an initial

Personalize this keychain with your nurse’s initial. Can be made in any color – or even sparkly if that’s what you prefer. Show your nurse that you appreciate her or his heart. $7

Personalized Water Bottle

Lidded, insulated cups in three colors with a stethoscope and name in vinyl

I don’t know any nurse who doesn’t carry a water bottle with them. Show your nurse your appreciation with these personalized, insulated, reusable cups. About $17.