In Progress: Giant Beanbag

So this is where we stand with the giant beanbag. I have the covers done. I have the inners done. I just don’t have all the foam I need, and I’m waiting for it to be delivered. (I inadvertently left my first order of shredded memory foam inside its packaging, all compressed, for about 5 months. Apparently, that’s bad for the foam and it really didn’t ever poof back up to its original bulk.)

I hope this is as nice as we’re hoping it will be. I’m afraid it’s going to be much shorter than we were envisioning, and larger around.

I would post photos, but it all looks like just piles of fabric at this point.


Knit Mittens

Well, for the time being, pretend that the knit mittens progress bar to the right instead says 75% complete.

I did complete them, but they were disappointing during their first wearing today. They kept sliding down my hands, making it hard to do anything with my hands. They are just too wide at the wrist. I know what I would do differently if I were to make them again, but I’m not about to start all over.

So…my first attempt to correct the problem involved removing 6 extraneous rows between the base of the thumb and the top of the ribbing. Helped some, but not enough. So I think my next step is to cut out/remove the side seam up to the base of the fingers, then re-stitch it, bringing it in several stitches as I near the wrist. This will make it tighter at the wrist and, hopefully, keep it on my hands.

Of course, a smart person would have discovered this problem before knitting the second mitten but, well, it’s hard to really test out the fit of a single mitten.

First Knitting Projects

Wow, well, I have completed my first knitting projects – a matching scarf, hat, and mittens for me. Here is the hat, which caused the most trouble. I followed a pattern I found online, and I can’t remember which one, I’m so sorry. But it called for about 5 rows of k1p1 ribbing, and after I got the hat done, I found it just wasn’t enough. Plus, the hat kept sliding up my head because it was too tight and cone-shaped. I blocked the hat over a balloon, and that helped the sliding problem, but the ribbing still was not satisfactory. I like hats that cover all of my ears, and this hat left my lobes out in the cold.

I ended up knitting new ribbing – this time k2p2 and about 10 rows. I cut the old ribbing off the hat (scary) and then attached the new ribbing using kitchener stitch. I’m very pleased with the end result.

Knitted Hat!

Wally took this picture. The mittens are drying on the radiator this evening, and I will photograph the whole set tomorrow.