Completed Project/WIP: T-shirt Quilt

Small Quilt

Someone gave me a bunch of used Tshirts a few years ago, and then I’ve of course added to that pile with our own old Tshirts, but I had no idea what I was planning to do with them. I’ve slowly found uses for the fronts, and thrown away the fronts that were too worn out to be reused.

From the parts that were left, I cut out a bunch of squares – bigger squares (11×11) for a quilt and smaller squares to replenish our family wipe stash.

But while I was cutting the quilt squares, I lost count and ended up with more squares than I needed for the twin-size quilt I was making. So I made this smaller throw first. I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out, and it wasn’t hard. This is my first quilt. Yay me!

I have the top done for the twin size, too, and I’ll be backing that with a vintage cotton, but that’s still in my WIP pile.


WIP: Felted Knit Bowls

Well, I’ve been bed-bound for about a day and a half, so I started knitting on the felted bowls. I have one all knit, and one in progress. I’ll make a few more before felting them.

I’m using this pattern, from Took me FOREVER to figure out how to put I-cord around the top of the first bowl, but now that I know what the heck I’m doing, it should go much easier.

WIP: Giant Beanbag Chair

I know the graph shows that this is completed, but we decided it’s not done. Notice something odd in the picture?

Our giant (?) chair

The footrest is taller than the chair. Yes, we have put four giant bags of stuffing in that chair and still it is not full enough. I’m going to order more shredded foam, then also take in the cover a bit to make it smaller. Hopefully, that’ll do the trick, because I’m getting a little sick of this project!

WIP: Laptop Case

I started out making a case with 6 sides. It actually would have worked out really well, except my serger has some issues with the thread in the loopers breaking and that led to some kind of wonky, crooked seams, which made the whole thing look kind of amateurish. (I still need to finish the edges with bias tape.)

Computer Case 1

So I was going to just try again, but with a few changes (including making sure I stayed on top of the looper thread issue), when I decided to completely change the design and ended up with this. (please note, I was trying to crank this out without my husband noticing I had slipped back down to my office, lol, so I skipped ironing the fabric. the wrinkles REALLY show up in this pic.)

Computer Case 2

I like it. It’s got small handles for ease of carrying, a large pocket on one side for papers or a notebook, and a smaller pocket on the other side for the cord or other accessories. It closes with a zipper.

I ordered myself some anti-static foam from the Foam Factory where I got the shredded foam for the chairs, and it’s about 1/2 inch thick. I had originally decided to make the case like one would a fabric box, and slide the foam in after the case was assembled. Then I decided to just sew all the pieces together, with the foam sandwiched in between them. I’m not sure that was a great idea for design #1, but it worked out really well for design #2.

I’m going to make a third version/attempt this weekend if I can find time – a different way of assembling the boxier first attempt. I have plenty of foam left, and we’ve got a few laptops around here that could use protection/transportation.