So Serious About Knitting

I’ve been working on some cotton washclothes to take to March’s Craft Saturday.

Knitting : 49/366

Apparently, I think it’s quite serious. I should have some FO pics soon!


Cutting cutting cutting

cutting applique pieces

Working this morning on cutting out all the little applique pieces for more Hobo bags. This is such a tedious process!!

I set up in the bedroom and cut like a madwoman while Wally watched Caillou and Word World. (By the way, I love Word World, but it seems like there are only 3-4 episodes and we just see the same things over and over and over. Wally doesn’t seem to mind, but I get very bored.

cutting applique pieces

Oh I thought I was so clever

Yes, I sometimes think I’m quite smart. I had finally decided that I did actually need a pair of fingerless gloves, after all. All summer, I looked at various pairs knit by various knitters, and thought “why would anyone want fingerless gloves?” Then it got cold out, lol, and my basement (which is where I work) is unheated. And my hands got cold. And while fingerless gloves won’t solve everything – those fingers will still be uncovered – I bet that the gloves will be nice.

So after looking at a few patterns I found via Google, I decided to try something new and knit them the long way (so, not around, but so the rows run parallel to the arm), back and forth, in either garter stitch or in a modified stockinette that I used on a scarf I made last year. I had the first one about 75% completed when I took a break to surf some crafting blogs.

Surfing, surfing, surfing…and found this.  Apparently, I am not so clever after all! Or, at least, not uniquely clever. Her pattern is so much better than what I was doing, with the short-row shaping, that I just ripped mine out and started over.

I’m about 25% into the first one now, and I have to say, I’m having trouble visualizing the end result based on what I have in my hands. Here’s hoping that I’m just lacking vision right now, and not that I messed something up in the first few rows that have doomed the project entirely.

WIP: Knit billfold, Knit bag

Billfold, ready to be felted

This is a fun little project. It’s going to be a billfold once I felt it. It matches a larger bag I made and didn’t photograph yet (sorry). I’m hoping to be able to felt these tonight, and take pictures tomorrow before the Thanksgiving craziness starts.

Second felted bag

And here’s the beginnings of a smaller knit bag. And my three year old helping to show it off.