On the Needles: 1932 Ribbed Soaker

On the Needles

I’ve been interested in this pattern since first seeing it. First, the 1932 part (I love vintage clothing, particularly from this era). But, also, they just looked interesting.

I’ll say, knitting in 2×2 ribbing for 16-18 inches is really really boring. Seriously boring. Good news: I can do it in the dark. This came in handy during our recent 8-hour road trip for pizza.

I’m about 2/3 done with the knitting of the main body. I plan to also add the cuffs.


WIP and Completed: Knit Wool Wraps

First wool wrap

This knit wrap is using a pattern from the Wool Soaker Group at Yahoo Groups. I didn’t like several things about it, so I started changing it as I knitted.


Knit wool wrap

I eventually wound up with a pattern that’s more me than the pattern I started with. I have no idea if my new pattern works on real babies…we’ll find out soon enough.


Knit wool wrapKnit wool wrapKnit wool wrapKnit wool wrap

And these are the four wraps I made. The orange one is completely the pattern. The multi-colored one is completely not the printed pattern, but is my own pattern (based on the one at Wool Soaker Group).

This was an interesting process. The wraps knit up quickly, so it was easy enough to take a look at the first one after I made it, and make a few changes, knit up another one, make a few more changes, etc.

WIP: Felted Purses

Goodness, I started these felted purses in March!!

Purses, before felting Purses, before felting

These pictures are from before I felted the bags. The red one in particular seems just huge.

Felted Purses - after Felted Purses - after

This is the bags after felting. The red one is so deliciously furry, I’m considering just trimming it down a bit and leaving it furry!

I’m still not done. Besides trimming off the fuzzies, I need to get and apply handles to the red bag, and a closure for the pink and purple one.

I didn’t follow any particular pattern for these bags, I just basically started knitting and this is what I ended up with. I used Brown Sheep Company chunky wool yarn.

Knitting WIP: Wool Pants

Knitting WIP

Here is a pair of wool pants I’m working on. I love this yarn. It’s just Lion Brand and is nothing special, it was in the stash I took from my mom’s house, but it’s so pretty.

The pattern is Caffeinated Knitter’s fancy pants pattern. I’ve never knit longies in the round before, so this should be fun/interesting. I started it a few weekends ago, but haven’t been working on it much lately.