Tula Covers – Give yourself variety without breaking the bank!

You know you’d like to own five or six (or more) Tula baby carriers – there are so many fun prints, and wearing the same carrier every day gets kind of boring, right? But your bank account says “absolutely not!” Right?

Slipcovers to the rescue!

Are you thinking about your Great Aunt Gertrude’s sofa? Our slipcovers are way cooler than that.

Show off your fandom:

Support your favorite team:

Show support for a cause:

Simply add some of your personal style:  

Let everyone know how awesome your taste is:
(OK, that’s a Doctor Who print, for those of you who don’t know that.)

Our Tula slipcovers are fully reversible, so you get two looks for the price of one!
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I spent the day yesterday talking to two Family and Consumer Sciences classes at a local high school. The topic? Natural Parenting. We covered cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, natural birthing, positive discipline, and many other topics. The kids seemed really interested and asked some good questions, including:

– Don’t you HAVE to breastfeed for 3 months? (How I wanted to answer that one with “yes.”)

– Why do people eat placenta? (i did not bring this up!!) (this led one confused young man to ask if we were talking about eating our periods. Um, no. I’m very glad you asked, though.)

– Did my husband agree with the way we raise our children. In my answer, I deftly skirted the issue of religious beliefs about the role of husband and wife in marriage, and stuck to “in our family, my husband has delegated all child-related decision-making to me, as the primary caregiver.”

The students were incredulous that an epidural might affect a baby, or that homebirth can be safer than a hospital birth. I encouraged them to research the issues themselves. I hope they do.

In Praise of the Fabric Shower Curtain


Last fall, we took down our vinyl shower curtain and hung up a green canvas one. We had bought it at Target, after they put their back to school stuff on 75% clearance, for about $4. We weren’t entirely sure that an all-fabric shower curtain would work – would it keep the water in? Would it get soaked? Would it drip on the floor?

Well, I’m happy to report that it DID work, it did keep the water in. It got soaked, but it did not drip on the floor.

It did, however, start to break down and tear apart. We think the problem was combined soap scum and mildew. And once it started to go, it really deteriorated quickly.

So, this fall, I bought myself some Hemp and Organic Cotton plainweave and made us a new one. It was not hard to make (I mean, it’s just a big square – 72 inches by 72 inches – with holes for the rings at the top). Hemp is a bit more rot-resistant than cheap cotton is, and we’ll also take it down to wash it more often. Hopefully, this one will last us a good many years.

I like the natural color better than the green, as well. (hey, when you’re buying on clearance, you can’ t be too picky!) If we ever fix up the bathroom, I’ll stencil the shower curtain with historically-appropriate designs.

What I love most of all is that it’s not vinyl. It doesn’t fill our bathroom with noxious fumes. It’s renewable and biodegradable.

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My new girl

8/10 my new girl

When a local yarn store went out of business, I was fortunate enough to pick up this big girl for $10. My other girls are all inflatable (ok, and one is a boy), and, well, kind of lack the stability needed to model baby carriers, you know? I hope this girl will provide the sturdiness I need!

Additionally, Mercy Hospital here in Des Moines has recently declared displays that sit unobtrusively to the SIDE of your table at their baby fairs to be illegal, so I have to have my mannequins ON my table from now on. That will make the blow-up girls even less stable, but this girl should be just fine.