Welcome to My Store!

Welcome to Wallypop! Please take a look around!

Wall of crates

This is my Wall Of Fabric and Products. One whole wall, just shelves of crates full of fabric and my instock items. You can also see the very corner of my cutting and project table, which is where I cut fabric and organize current projects in large bins.

Instock! These crates all hold instock products. Diapers on the left, organized by size and type (one crate for diapers, one for covers in each size). Then accessories (changing pads, stuffers, etc.). Then slings, each in their own crate. Last, Wallypop For Kids, Wallypop for Mama, and Wallypop For Home items.

Cut Items

And this set of containers sits between my sewing machines and my computer desk. It holds all of the stuff I have cut out and ready to sew, sorted by item. (Currently, I have containers for Asian carriers, diapers in each size, soaker pads, scraps, swim diapers, a few personal sewing projects, and changing pads.)

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my store! I’ll post more pictures at a later date.