So tired!

Pictures tomorrow, but I’m all moved in to the new space, and I love it. I mean, I guess, I love the idea of it, since I haven’t actually worked in there yet.

I have a little alcove for my desk, my sewing table, and Wally’s desk. That’s also where the new sump pump is and it is HUGE and takes up a lot of room and I really don’t like it there. It was supposed to go in the other room (old office) but apparently, they can’t put it there because it would empty out onto the sidewalk and make ice. (Yes, we had a brief discussion with the contractors about the fact that the person giving us the quote certainly should have known that.) But – big and in the way as it is, it will be keeping the basement dry (hopefully!!) so… as long as it earns its keep, it can stay. 🙂

There’s more space around the cutting table, and I have a bit more room for inventory. My shipping boxes have a place now, instead of taking up space at my desk. Where the boxes used to be (in my desk), I now have a nice box to hold Ready To Ship packages, instead of piling them on the floor. The kids have a nice, big space to play in. Of course, I haven’t moved in the easel or the beanbags yet, which will take up some space.

There’s also a big, widescreen TV in there, lol. I’m not sure how I feel about that, and I’m not sure it’ll stay. I’ve never had a TV in my office before. (Unlike a lot of people, though, I’ll freely admit to you that we’ve just used the computers to play movies or watch Hulu. It’s not like the lack of an actual TV means a lack of TV watching.) I don’t feel like the TV is needed, and it hogs a LOT of what could otherwise be shelf space. But it doesn’t currently have any other home, so there it is. (My new office used to be our family room, until we had the break-in, and that’s where the burglar was when we got home, and I stopped wanting to be in there any more.)

I tried to move in all of the fabric, but there just wasn’t space for it. So, I have some fabric in one corner, some fabric on some other shelves, and then the fleece and other fabric on rolls back in my old fabric storage area.

I even have a window I can open to let in some fresh air! And this spring, I’ll make myself a screen for said window and then I won’t have to worry about our friendly neighborhood raccoon coming to live with us. Or, you know, some random person.

I think my favorite part – again, in theory – is that I have a little two-seater table in there. So now when I have customers over, they have a comfortable place to sit if they want, and we have a surface other than my cutting table to spread out products and whatnot. Customers will also find it easier to reach the inventory, since there’s a LOT more space between the cutting table and the inventory boxes.

I do anticipate a long period of misplacing things, since I’ll be all off my routine. You know, for example, I typically put my scissors in one place while I’m cutting, but that place is in a different place now. So I’ll put them down somewhere else and then not be able to remember where I put them.

And in other news, my washing machine burned out today – it hasn’t been spinning correctly for about two years now, and has been causing problems like little holes in clothes, but today after I threw in a load of dirty diapers (of course), it didn’t drain at all and by the time I noticed there was a problem, it was smoking and making a strange noise. I’ve been wanting a new washer for a while anyway, so now’s my chance.


Dining Room

26 Things: Behind the Scenes
Some days, it’s just too cold to sew in the basement, so I bring up my small portable machine and work at the dining room table. The kids appreciate the change of pace, too, I think, and I know I definitely appreciate the windows!! This machine sews much slower than my main machine, though, so I’m ultimately less productive than I would be in my office.

PS, yes, I am actually sewing in my jammies.

If you call…

…which I encourage if you have questions or just want to chat with a real person before ordering… just please don’t start out the phone conversation like this:

Ring Ring! Ring ring!

me: Hello?
you: Who is this?

Because I’m likely to respond “you called me, who is THIS?” and that’s not a good way to start.

The Wallypop phone number is also our home phone number. (And we also share it with Swing Des Moines.) Unprofessional? Yes. But neither business receives enough phone traffic to warrant its own phone number, so all three share a number. And 50% of the calls received are for a grocery store, a church, or the playhouse, all of which apparently either have misprinted their phone numbers, or have very similar phone numbers. And most of THOSE calls start out with this “who is this” business.

So, anyway, just, you know, realize that if you say “who is this” in response to my Hello, you’re likely to hear “well, who is THIS?” as your answer.


Today I turned this pile of elastic’d fleece covers:
A day's work.

Into this pile of seamed and tagged fleece covers:
A day's work.
(ok, the actual pile was about 3x this large)

And this pile of cut flannel hankies:
A day's work.

Into this pile of finished hankies:
A day's work.

Hard at Work

Pocket dipes

Here I am, hard at work yesterday making one of my last batches of diapers before the new labeling laws – part of the CPSIA – go into effect. The law forbids stockpiling, but part of me wants to stay up really really late these next few days and sew as much as I can, just to be a snot, lol. I won’t, though. These diapers are medium pocket diapers. Yes! I finally restocked medium pockets. Get them while they’re hot.

8/12 hard at work