Elephant Toy

Elephant Toy

This was a fun project – it’s knit flat and then seamed up. This is another one I made for the fair. It turned out a lot larger than I anticipated – the pattern didn’t give any gauge or yarn or needle suggestions, and it ultimately doesn’t matter, but as a consequence, I had NO idea what to expect! And, as is typical with me, I’m now going to make another one, but felted. LOL.

PS, I stuffed this one with old rags, so it’s vaguely lumpy. And I’m guessing that lumpiness (along with some inexpert seaming around the elephant’s butt) will keep this from getting very high scores at the fair. It’s entirely possible that my entire State Fair experience will be nothing but one long painful losing streak!

Elephant Toy


Rebel Alliance Bag

Another one for the State Fair. Rebel Alliance bag. I improvised the bag pattern, and used the Rebel Alliance Insignia chart from here: http://www.angelfire.com/space2/swcharts/knit.html

Rebel Alliance Bag


 I used up some more of the horrid 70s color scheme yarn from Willow Ridge. I thought the 70s coloring was appropriate for the Star Wars theme, anyway. I really like how this bag turned out, and might make more Star Wars themed bags to go with it. I could have a whole line-up of them, lol. X-wings, Death Star, Darth Vader, Yoda…

Knitted Headscarf


I actually knit two of these, identical to each other. The first one, I made for my friend Abby, and included it as part of my Unexpected Crafty Gifting task for my 101 Things project.

The second one, I made for me, but I am entering it into the State Fair, so I have not worn it. After I got it all done, I noticed a fairly glaring mistake, but I wasn’t about to go back and fix it at that point, so I’m guessing it’s not going to do too well at the Fair. Ah, well.

Two pairs of summer socks

Well, the socks aren’t necessarily summer socks. But I finished them in the summer! I had the first sock of both of these pairs completed in March, and the second socks were lagging for one reason or another. The stripey pair, I needed more yarn, and then I needed to finish the purple pair. The purple pair, I guess I’ve just been busy! It took far longer than it should have to finish up that second sock!!

But I’m happy with both pairs. I LOVE the purple pair. The yarn is nice (it’s Joann’s Sensations Bamboo and Ewe, which knits up nicely) and I love the pattern (Harris Tweed). This pair was made for a friend of mine, at her request. I don’t think there’s ever any way to charge a fair price for a hand-knit pair of socks, lol. $1 million should suffice.

Sandi's Socks

The stripe pair is from Knitpick’s Felici yarn. I love the yarn, and I like the pattern, with one exception – it’s baggy around the legs, particularly the cuff. Annoying!

My socks

Two Quick Shorties for Summer

I made these both with Willow Ridge Farms yarn CSA yarn, which is about my least favorite yarn ever, but at least I’m slowly getting rid of it, lol. The blue and purple one is basically just improvised pattern, the brown one is the Belladonna nighttime shorts pattern, which has disappointed in the past. I keep thinking it’ll be better if I keep using it, but it’s not.