Green Lifestyle

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There was an environmental rally in Des Moines on Saturday. I wasn’t there. But I’m disappointed. I can’t tell if it’s disappointment at the event or, more likely, at the media coverage. “Green Lifestyle” in the media seems to equal carpooling, walking, or riding the bus.

Which is certainly important. Carpooling is impractical for me (even carpooling with one friend at this point usually means at least three carseats and two adults, which means a bigger vehicle is needed, thereby cancelling out any environmental benefits of carpooling), but we do combine errands whenever possible, and cut our driving down as much as we can.

But there is so much more to a green lifestyle than just your chosen mode of transportation!

There’s the choices you make when it comes to what food you eat. How you care for your family’s health. The way you clean your house. The way you build your house. The clothes you wear. The diapers you choose. The activities you participate in. Even your job, or the way you carry your groceries home.

I have an article in the works about easy steps to take towards a greener lifestyle, because I think this is a major stumbling block for many people. They want to do something to live a bit greener, but they can’t afford to buy a new car and riding their bike everywere seems a bit out of reach. So they give up, but carry that helpless, hopeless feeling around with them. That’s not a good thing!

One Of Our Customers is FAMOUS!

This news clip features one of my customers.

The long-awaited breastfeeding ad campaign (that they were talking about before I got pregnant, even) is finally getting started, and some mothers are mad about it making them feel guilty.

Well, the fact is that if you genuinely tried and genuinely could not breastfeed, like a friend of mine who tried everything she could to no avail, there is no reason to feel guilty. That’s what formula is for. For when nothing else works. For when there are medical difficulties. Or other insurmountable obstacles.

But that’s not how formula is used, by and large, in this country.