Family Movie Night: Planes: Fire and Rescue

I decided it was time to watch one of Teddy’s movies for Family Movie Night. Usually, I’ve tried to pick movies we don’t watch very frequently, but I thought Teddy would appreciate watching one of his favorites. And by “favorites,” I mean, we’ve watched it at least 1000 times, and that’s not an exaggeration.


So the menu for the night was:

Airplane Smokies

Corn Festival Corn on the Cob

Dottie’s Favorite Vegetable, Green Beans (betcha didn’t know that, didja?)

Fire Extinguishing Fluid to drink (water)

Fire Jello (layered red and orange jello topped with fire retardant, aka Whipped Cream)

Red Warning Lights (so… we had strawberries that needed to be eaten…)

and for a snack during the movie, we had Fire. Fire was supposed to be Cheetos, but we had a last-minute inspiration with red, yellow, and orange sweet peppers instead!

The airplanes were super fun. Little Smokies wrapped with Crescent roll dough (yeah, from a can) and baked, and then small popsicle sticks stuck through them.

For decorations, I asked Teddy to get out all of his Planes toys and put them on the table. This lasted for a while, but ultimately, all the planes ended up at Teddy’s spot, of course.

We did zero activities. Teddy fell asleep mid-afternoon and Genna played with the neighbor boy and it was actually quiet and I had orders waiting for me, so we just didn’t worry about it. 🙂 I’m not sure what we’d have done, anyway.



Family Movie Night: Peter Pan

Peter Pan’s a movie with a little bit for everyone. Good music. Sword fighting. Tinkerbell. Seriously racist depictions of native populations. It’d been a while since we’d watched it, so I chose it for our next movie night. I delegated dinner prep to Randy while the kids and I made Peter Pan hats from green construction paper.

The menu:

Pirate Ship Hot Dogs

Tinkerbell’s Favorite Dip

Lost Boys Swords

Mermaid Lagoon

Sea Water


The pirate ships were just hot dogs in toasted buns with pirate sails. I had intended for the pirate sail making to be a family activity and everyone could decorate their own sail, but we had another afternoon of peaceful sibling play and it seemed a shame to break that up. Yeah, I’m a firm believer in leaving well enough alone.

Tinkerbell’s favorite dip turns out to be ranch dip – who knew? And the Lost Boys swords were carrot and celery sticks.

Mermaid Lagoon was just blue Jello, and the Sea Water was just blue water.


Teddy mostly ate cheese, but he did lick a hot dog – one of only a handfuls of interactions with meat that he’s tolerated. So that was happy.

I didn’t have a chance to take pictures, but we did some Walking the Plank before the movie – we have a small balance beam (it’s a 2×4, lol) and we draped it across various sturdy and not so sturdy household objects and took turns walking across it.


Genna put on her Tinkerbell dress and shoes and got her plush Tinkerbell from Teddy’s Wish trip to DisneyWorld before we settled down to watch the movie.

Family Movie Night: Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite undervalued Disney movies. It just doesn’t get the lovin’ that other Disney flicks do, and I don’t know why. The story is awesome. The music is fun and catchy and I love basically every song. Features a smart kid. Unconditional love. “Keep Moving Forward!” What more could you want from a movie?!? Our next trip to Disney, I fully intend to DisneyBound (like casual cosplay) as Franny.




Our planned activity was making a robot head at least sort of like Carl to use as our centerpiece, but then… First, the kids had trouble getting their chores done, and then they were all three playing together and getting along and there was no yelling or anything and I just couldn’t interrupt that, so we had no craft or activity today. Related, we also had no centerpiece. We survived.

Our menu for the evening:

  • Cheese Pizza from Art’s Intergalactic Pizza.
  • Fruit Hat Salad
  • Juice Boxes
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  • Bowler Hat Cookies

For the pizza, we just used a take and bake from our grocery store and put it in an old PapaJohn’s box that I’d saved. The artwork on the top of the box came from here.


The fruit salad is inspired by the silly fruit hat worn by Lewis to cover up his hair in the future. The juice boxes are obviously because Goob drinks juice boxes. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Lewis’s disastrous meeting with the potential adoptive parents.


Bowler Hat Cookies – the idea came from this website. Hot Tip: Krispy Kreme doughnut holes are too crumbly and irregularly shaped. Learned that one the hard way.

Someone was sampling the frosting when she was decorating…

Family Movie Night: Wall-E

Last week, our movie was Wall-E. My own Wally needed a more masculine movie after The Little Mermaid. 🙂


For dinner, we had:

  • Meatloaf Trash Cubes – meatloaf baked in a cake pan and cut into cubes. I was actually hoping for more cube-y cubes, but we got flat-ish cubes instead. Whatev.
  • Potato Cubes – just potatoes cut into squares and baked. Then fried, because the meatloaf was done but the potatoes were still hard.
  • Garden Salad – um, salad. To represent the food they’d grow on Earth, since we couldn’t grow Pizza.
  • Jello Cubes. My kids have never had Jello. Even Teddy took a few bites. 🙂
  • Robot Oil to drink – chocolate milk. Turned out to be sort of chocolatey milk, since we were nearly out of chocolate syrup all of a sudden.


For decorations, we got out Wally’s plush Wall-E. Genna colored a picture, too, but I didn’t get a picture of it, I guess.


We had planned two activities for the afternoon: picking up trash in the yard, and making our own robots out of recycling. But, well… first, it rained all day, so all the pizza wrappers and cups from the gas station that the teenagers throw on the sidewalk on their way home from school will just have to wait for another day.  And then, everyone just sort of got busy running around and playing and forgot about the robots they were making. Which is fine.


Why is Mater there? Because Teddy couldn’t stand the thought that Wall-E was going to get to sit on the table at dinner but Mater was going to remain in the bed.

Family Movie Night: Little Mermaid

Yes, we got behind on these. The kids and I were in Iowa City one Wednesday night and so we didn’t have Movie Night that week. The next week, we watched Tomorrowland and I took zero pictures. Then the next week, we watched Howl’s Moving Castle and had awesome food, but I took zero pictures. But last week, we watched The Little Mermaid. And I took pictures.

We own no Little Mermaid things, but Genna generously provided us with these lovely decorations. Notice Ariel’s red drink. Genna accidentally got Ariel’s teeth with the red crayon, so she drew her a red drink to explain the red teeth. 🙂

I want to remind you that I’m Real Life Mom, not Pinterest Mom.

So for our Little Mermaid night, we of course ate – what else – fish sticks. 🙂 Because we’re evil. We were going to have stuffed pasta shells, but I was unmotivated and frankly, it involved buying a LOT of ingredients.

But fish sticks – yes, the processed ones – were on sale. (Usually I actually do make our fish sticks from actual fish but lazy + sale = I’m not sad we used the boxed ones. Also, the husband noted that making fish sticks always seems to put me in a bad mood. Evidently missing the generalized 5-6 pm “I’m tired and can’t deal with Crazy Hour” mood I have most days.)

Also clams and shrimp.

Sea Vegetable Salad – you could use actual sea veggies if you wanted, but we used land veggies and our imaginations.

Seaweed grapes – grapes on a skewer to look like long strands of seaweed.

Ocean Water for a drink – just water with a bit of blue food coloring.

Processed fish. YUMMY!