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Great Cloth Diaper Change, coming to a city near you. (especially if you live near Des Moines)

Join us to set a world record!
Saturday, April 23 – 11:00 AM – Val Air Ballroom

Cloth diapers have come a long way in past 10 years, and it’s time to stand up and be noticed. Celebrate by joining the International cloth diaper community to set the world record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously.

Our event here is Des Moines is shaping up to be pretty fun! We’ll have a photographer present, who will not only be documenting the event for Guinness, but who will be able to take pictures of your adorable cloth diapered baby! We’ll have goody bags and door prizes, too!

Do I need to RSVP? Yes! Well, sort of! RSVP is not required, but highly encouraged so we have enough witnesses to fulfull Guinness requirements. RSVP through Facebook, or by emailing me at

what will happen at the event? Please arrive around 11 am. There will be some paperwork to fill out, and we will be distributing ticket stubs to those participating in the event. By 11:30, all participants need to be inside the “diaper change” area. At 11:30, we’ll make some sort of sound and everyone will commence the change. After the diapers are changed, everyone is free to socialize or take advantage of the photographer!

who can participate? Babies must be 39 inches or shorter. They must be changed into a cloth diaper. The adult caregiver must be 18 or older.

what about my other kids, spouse, etc? Though non-diapered kids, spouses, parents, etc., are welcome to attend, only the baby being changed and one adult caregiver are allowed inside the diaper change area. If you need help watching your older kids during the actual change, please let us know.

what diapers “count”? Unfortunately, Guinness will not allow the use of diapers that are not commercially available. If you use homemade diapers that are not available for sale anywhere, you may borrow one of the loaner diapers we’ll have available at the event. Return it before you leave, and you won’t even have to wash it! Additionally, training pants are also not allowed.

what about babies who usually wear disposables? Absolutely! Babies do not need to be in cloth when they arrive, and they don’t need to be in cloth when they leave. They just need to be changed into a cloth diaper at 11:30.

If you have questions, please don’t hestiate to contact me!!

Also, if you would like to volunteer at the event, or if your spouse, mother, best friend, uncle’s roommate would like to volunteer, please let me know. Jobs are super easy, but important!!

Sarah Reid – 274-4676 –


Cloth Diapering/Natural Living in Des Moines – when did it start?

It seems lately, I’ve been hearing lots of scuttlebut about how long cloth diapering has existed in Des Moines. When did it start?

It’s kind of a silly question, in a way. Cloth diapering never went away, of course!

Obviously, many years ago, families in the area used cloth. I was cloth diapered, despite widespread availability of disposables in the late 70s. Twenty years later, when my nephew was born in the mid 90s, my sister in law used a diaper service here in Des Moines.

That service closed several years later, but at least at the time he was born, there were enough families in Des Moines using cloth to warrant a service. Experience shows that, generally speaking, far more people home launder than use a service, so if there were enough families using cloth to warrant a service, there were probably a fair number of families home laundering – quite the community.

When I started diapering Wally five years ago, I was the only one I knew who used cloth. A few months later, another cloth diaperer moved to town (Sara J), and I talked a friend into giving it a try (Louisa) and the three of us discovered another CDer with an older child (Laurie) who was friends with yet another CDer with a child about the same age as her own (Tanya).

I am not under any sort of delusion that we were the only ones in town using cloth, trying to live naturally, and practicing attachment parenting. We were just the only ones we knew.

What’s different now than 13 or 14 years ago when my nephew was born? Community. I decided that the area cloth diaperers needed some sort of community, some sort of organized something, so we didn’t feel so alone, so we could turn to each other for support, so we didn’t have to continually re-invent the wheel. OK, originally, we just wanted to show off our diapers to each other, lol!

I still run into babywearers or cloth diaperers who have no idea that there are others in Des Moines, and they think they’re the only ones!

Oh, Baby at Methodist Hospital here in Des Moines

Hey, come on out to Oh Baby on Saturday! Wallypop will be there, and so will many other baby-products vendors. Best of all, register to win some fantastic door prizes, and also get a free tote bag.

If you’re local and you know it, clap your hands…

OK, just kidding about the clap hands part. I thought I’d pass along three of my recent local faves…

I am now going to serenade you with some favorite l0cal stuff I’ve used recently, while I work on a post in drafts about buying local.

Prairieland Herbs Breathe Easy Wand. Way better than Vicks. Effective, nonstinky, no watering eyes. Worth the drive to Altoona. I have found him to be fair, honest, fast, and to do quality work for less than big stores.

Metro Sales and Service. (no website). They repair sewing machines and vacuums. Their repair guy is nice and really good. They are reasonably fast, depending on workload and how difficult your repair is. They will consistently try to fix what you have instead of replacing parts. (For example, he’s filed down my bobbin case three times now because I keep scratching it somehow, instead of just replacing it. next time, he says, it’ll need to be replaced, but it’s cheaper to file down than to replace, and it keeps it running longer.)

Babywearing in the Register

Look! A local babywearer in the Register! And I do believe that’s a Wallypop ring sling she’s got on there.

Wallypop on DSM Buzz

If you haven’t already checked out DSM Buzz, you definitely should do it now!

Featured in Juice

Amy Murphy, local Bradley teacher and doula.

Green Lifestyle

simlu-posted at Natural Living Des Moines.

There was an environmental rally in Des Moines on Saturday. I wasn’t there. But I’m disappointed. I can’t tell if it’s disappointment at the event or, more likely, at the media coverage. “Green Lifestyle” in the media seems to equal carpooling, walking, or riding the bus.

Which is certainly important. Carpooling is impractical for me (even carpooling with one friend at this point usually means at least three carseats and two adults, which means a bigger vehicle is needed, thereby cancelling out any environmental benefits of carpooling), but we do combine errands whenever possible, and cut our driving down as much as we can.

But there is so much more to a green lifestyle than just your chosen mode of transportation!

There’s the choices you make when it comes to what food you eat. How you care for your family’s health. The way you clean your house. The way you build your house. The clothes you wear. The diapers you choose. The activities you participate in. Even your job, or the way you carry your groceries home.

I have an article in the works about easy steps to take towards a greener lifestyle, because I think this is a major stumbling block for many people. They want to do something to live a bit greener, but they can’t afford to buy a new car and riding their bike everywere seems a bit out of reach. So they give up, but carry that helpless, hopeless feeling around with them. That’s not a good thing!

One Of Our Customers is FAMOUS!

This news clip features one of my customers.

The long-awaited breastfeeding ad campaign (that they were talking about before I got pregnant, even) is finally getting started, and some mothers are mad about it making them feel guilty.

Well, the fact is that if you genuinely tried and genuinely could not breastfeed, like a friend of mine who tried everything she could to no avail, there is no reason to feel guilty. That’s what formula is for. For when nothing else works. For when there are medical difficulties. Or other insurmountable obstacles.

But that’s not how formula is used, by and large, in this country.

First Annual Natural Living Expo In Review

The final stats are not yet in, but early estimates are that nearly 500 people (not counting children) visited the first annual Natural Living Expo hosted by ICAN and Drake University Women’s Studies Department. We didn’t know what to expect, but I personally think that 500 people is pretty good for the first year!

The vendors were pretty interesting, and a nice mix. There were of course many vendors dealing with childbirth – Amy Murphy’s new venture Before and After the Birth, the Birth Center, Cosette Boone of Willowsong Midwifery, Diane Tinker of Birth Companions, and more. And several parenting-related vendors such as Wallypop and The Stork Wearhouse, both cloth diaper and baby sling stores in town; NINO; the Cloth Diaper Crowd; Holistic Moms Network; API; etc. But it was great to see so many non-parenting resources there, as well. One Step At A Time Gardens, a CSA, was there. Iowa Health Freedom Coalition. Several Chiropractors. An Herbalist – Natural Choices from Eastern Iowa. An orchard.

I was busy running my own booth, but did escape for a few minutes to run around and visit other booths quick. I wish I’d had more time to chat with all the vendors! It seems that visitors were generally pleased with the event, and I know that for me personally, it was nice to be in a room full of people who see things the way I do. And to see so many babies being worn! What a great sight that was!! It was a long, tiring day, but very exciting as well. Here’s to a great time planning next year’s event!

PS – here are a few of the pictures I took of the day.