Two pairs of summer socks

Well, the socks aren’t necessarily summer socks. But I finished them in the summer! I had the first sock of both of these pairs completed in March, and the second socks were lagging for one reason or another. The stripey pair, I needed more yarn, and then I needed to finish the purple pair. The purple pair, I guess I’ve just been busy! It took far longer than it should have to finish up that second sock!!

But I’m happy with both pairs. I LOVE the purple pair. The yarn is nice (it’s Joann’s Sensations Bamboo and Ewe, which knits up nicely) and I love the pattern (Harris Tweed). This pair was made for a friend of mine, at her request. I don’t think there’s ever any way to charge a fair price for a hand-knit pair of socks, lol. $1 million should suffice.

Sandi's Socks

The stripe pair is from Knitpick’s Felici yarn. I love the yarn, and I like the pattern, with one exception – it’s baggy around the legs, particularly the cuff. Annoying!

My socks

Today, I’m shopping for headcoverings

Found Style Underground’s video demos of new-to-me ways to tie headscarves.

And their Lucia Latte scarf is really pretty!


Sowers of Hope is on an Etsy team with me. They make many types of headcoverings, including the style I usually wear, the Tichel, or mantilla.


Garlands of Grace offers some simple, and beautiful coverings.


These are super fun, but I don’t think I could actually wear one.


Happy Homestead has pretty stuff, but it’s generally more, hmmm, “I wear victorian take-off calico dresses” than I like.


I think I’m leaning towards something from Garlands of Grace…

Genna’s Spring Dress


I started this on spring break, but traveling by RV with 11 people, including your 17 month old, doesn’t give you as much knitting time as you might think. I think I got about 10 rows done on the entire week-long trip.

It is awfully adorable, though, and actually a fairly simple knit. It’s worked from the bottom up. The pattern calls for 3 skeins of the skirt color and 2 of the bodice color, but I only needed 2 of the skirt and 1 of the bodice (fortunately, because that’s all I had). I did use up every last scrap for seaming.

The pattern is Soli. The yarn is CotLin (cotton/linen blend) from KnitPicks.