WIP: Wally’s Legwarmers

W's Legwarmers

Man, I totally am tending to like chunky yarn over thinner yarns. These legwarmers were meant to fit smoothly under pants, so I wanted them to be thin yet warm, so I chose a sockweight cotton. But holy crap, they’re taking a long time. I’m just now halfway through ONE of the legwarmers.


Wally’s Leg Warmers


Here’s a pic of Wally in one of his pairs of leg warmers. The ones on the left are short – the ones on the right go all the way up his legs, but the short ones are plenty long for every day use.

Leg Warmers DSC_0314

I’m already loving them, because when we get in the car, his pants always ride up and leave his little legs exposed to the cold. The leg warmers help fill in that space between pants and socks.

Carseat Cover


Wally’s carseat is nice, understated, gray and black. A soft velour-like fabric on the edges, and a smooth nylon-ish fabric down the middle. Nice, but it gets very cold to sit on in the winter, or so I hear.

I had bought some Incredibles flannel on clearance a while back, and had no idea what I was going to do with it, so I decided to make a carseat cover. I was originally going to draft a pattern, but decided to just wing it. I actually added batting to it, as the original cover has batting, but when I put it on the seat, I decided that it did not have enough batting to be padded enough to be safe in an accident.

So, ultimately, I decided to put the Incredibles cover on OVER the original cover. This means that the Incredibles cover doesn’t fit as well as it could, but it still fits pretty good. I think I’m the only one who would notice the places that it fits oddly.

Carseat cover

I will definitely make some design changes for the next one (if there is a next one) – it needs to be longer overall to fit comfortably over the existing cover, and the holes for the waist belt need to be longer – but I think it came out really really nicely.

I also cut and assembled the first draft of a new item I dreamed up last week. No details yet. If I can get it working/looking good enough and how I imagined, I will add it to my product line-up and possibly pursue legal protections for the design (or attempt to sell it to a big company). It’s something I’ve never seen before, that I personally felt was sorely needed. Intrigued? Stay tuned.