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Last night, I spent a half hour quickly making soaps. I needed to make some soaps for a friend, and ended up deciding that, while I had the stuff out, I’d make some fun Halloween soaps for the kids, and I also wanted to try some green ribbon (kidney disease) soaps, mostly to see if I could get a good bright green color with the colorants I currently own. (I couldn’t – it’s too light.)

Soaps Soaps

Soaps Soaps



Han Solo and Millennium Falcon soaps listed at Etsy

Alright, I’ve listed the Han Solo in Carbonite and Millennium Falcon soaps on Etsy.

I’m in love with my new soap.

Oh, yes, completely in love.

It started with an overabundance of milk, and my need to use it up before leaving for a week. I decided to bust out a quick batch of soap while waiting for some of the milk to heat to an appropriate temperature for yogurt.

I started with an organic glycerin soap base, and then I added a bunch of fresh goat’s milk – from Ginger, my goat. (Have I mentioned I have a goat? Yeah. She lives in rural Swan at Sugar Creek Family Farm. She is the queen of the barnyard, at least in her opinion. And she produces about 2 gallons per day. um….  it’s a lot of milk.)

After that, I threw in a dollop of raw honey from Cypress Grove Farms, also in Swan.

And I added a touch of honey fragrance for a bit of boost to the honey scent.


There is a LOT of milk in this soap, making it really a lot like taking a milk bath. It’s very soothing and gentle, not drying at all. I fell in love with it while suffering from some sort of rash from an unidentified weed of some sort that itched like crazy. It was so nice feeling on my irritated skin. And the scent is pleasant but not overwhelming.

Yeah, I love it. Want to try it? Available at Etsy!

Natural Deodorant Solution

I will say, I’ve not had great luck finding a natural deodorant that keeps me stink-free all day.

So, Inspired by Amy at Angry Chicken, I made my own deodorant last week. So far, I have to say that I love it. I have struggled to find a deodorant that worked very well for me and that wasn’t full of crap that I don’t want on my body. THIS stuff is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Or, at least, it would appear that it is, after less than a week of use.


I used the recipe Amy wrote out on the post linked above.