Works in Progress


Right now, I’m sewing Woolie shorties and longies for instock. This bin of shorties has been sewn together, and is in the middle of getting all trimmed up (all the thread ends cut off) before being lanolized, inspected, measured, and then ultimately listed for sale online.


It was such a dry spell all summer for wool sweaters at the Salvation Army, but this week’s trip yielded nearly 20 sweaters, which are pictured here waiting for their turn in the washing machine to be felted. As of this post, those sweaters have been cut up, and all the dark ones have been sewn together. Once I sew together the lighter ones, they’ll also be lanolized, inspected, measured, and then listed for sale.

I’ve decided to start including an elastic waistband on all longies, so the longies will have the extra step of sewing in a waistband and adding the elastic.