Christmas Crafts

This year, again, we’re going 100% homemade for Christmas presents. Here’s the first batch of gifts, all finished and ready to go. I even have the fabric gift bags done, though those are not pictured here. (But you can see them here. I’m swiping the SpongeBob and Scooby ones for these presents unless someone buys them in the meantime.)

First, raw-edge applique Tshirts for all of the kids in the family, except one teenage boy, who we deemed to be too cool for such a gift.

Tshirt 1
This is actually not raw-edge applique like the others. I mounted the circles to a separate piece of fabric, put them BEHIND the tshirt, sewed around the circles, then cut out the red Tshirt to expose the circles. I found myself mulling over whether this would work one day while driving, and am pleased to report that it turned out really good!

Tshirts 2 Tshirts 3

Yoda, a pig, flowers, and a ballerina. All raw-edge applique.
Tshirt 4

And the elephant one is for Wally!
Next: Pillowcases. Pillowcases are fun, right? And they’re easy. I made all of these with French seams, so there are no raw or serged edges sticking out. They’re oversize, to make it easier for children to get their pillows in.

Pillowcases 1 Pillowcases 2

Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire iron-ons, Star Wars for both nephews.

Pillowcases 3

Tink and Bratz. (Don’t get me started on Bratz. I hate them.)
So there you have it. It feels good to have these done. It took, all told, about a day and a half of work, a nice diversion from diaper sewing.

As a side note, I bought all of the Tshirts secondhand. Factoring in all materials used, average Tshirt cost was $1.43

The pillowcases are all new material, purchased over the course of a few weeks using 50% coupons. Even after factoring in $2 for the 2 sheets of iron-on transfer paper, the average pillowcase cost is $1.91.

So, there you go. Presents for all but one of my neices and nephews for an average of $3.34 per child.

Welcome to My Store!

Welcome to Wallypop! Please take a look around!

Wall of crates

This is my Wall Of Fabric and Products. One whole wall, just shelves of crates full of fabric and my instock items. You can also see the very corner of my cutting and project table, which is where I cut fabric and organize current projects in large bins.

Instock! These crates all hold instock products. Diapers on the left, organized by size and type (one crate for diapers, one for covers in each size). Then accessories (changing pads, stuffers, etc.). Then slings, each in their own crate. Last, Wallypop For Kids, Wallypop for Mama, and Wallypop For Home items.

Cut Items

And this set of containers sits between my sewing machines and my computer desk. It holds all of the stuff I have cut out and ready to sew, sorted by item. (Currently, I have containers for Asian carriers, diapers in each size, soaker pads, scraps, swim diapers, a few personal sewing projects, and changing pads.)

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my store! I’ll post more pictures at a later date.

It’s great Wool weather!

Today in Des Moines, it’s chilly, windy, and damp. It was raining earlier. It’s a perfect day for wool.

So, I have listed nearly 50 new Woolies Shorties and over a dozen new Longies. I hope to have more longies later this fall, as well. The materials run the gamut from Lambswool to Merino to Alpaca to the softest Cashmere you’ve ever felt.

I haven’t labeled them with size guidelines yet, but the measurements for waist, rise, and legs are all there, enabling you to find the perfect fit!

I haven’t been able to find the raw material for the Woolies – namely, secondhand wool sweaters – since spring, but it was Wool Sweater Bonanza on my last visit to the Salvation Army! I’ve been felting, cutting, sewing, lanolizing, and measuring ever since.


I’m off to work on wet bags and changing pads.

New Ironing Board Cover

New Ironing Board Cover

OK, so this is not so exciting, but I have hated my ironing board cover for quite some time now, so I decided to replace it this week. I made a pad out of an old piece of fleece, and then cut the cover using the old cover as a pattern. It does pucker on the upper left, but the board itself is all bent up there, so it’s hard to tell if that’s why there’s the pucker.

Anyway, it was nice to do some sewing for me for a change!

Works in Progress


Right now, I’m sewing Woolie shorties and longies for instock. This bin of shorties has been sewn together, and is in the middle of getting all trimmed up (all the thread ends cut off) before being lanolized, inspected, measured, and then ultimately listed for sale online.


It was such a dry spell all summer for wool sweaters at the Salvation Army, but this week’s trip yielded nearly 20 sweaters, which are pictured here waiting for their turn in the washing machine to be felted. As of this post, those sweaters have been cut up, and all the dark ones have been sewn together. Once I sew together the lighter ones, they’ll also be lanolized, inspected, measured, and then listed for sale.

I’ve decided to start including an elastic waistband on all longies, so the longies will have the extra step of sewing in a waistband and adding the elastic.