All About… Syringe Holsters

We have JUST finished a redesign of our popular Syringe Holsters – and we’ve made them into something you’re going to love even more! Here at Wallypop, we pride ourselves in bringing you handmade items that bring a real, practical improvement to your life, and we think these redesigned Syringe Holsters do exactly that!

First, when or why would you use a Syringe Holster? Most people use them for when they’re away from home and will need to give meds. For example, we most commonly use our syringe holsters when we’re gone for the day for trips to the hospital for clinic or other appointments. Most people who purchase a Syringe Holster have previously tried carrying their pre-drawn liquid medications in plastic bags, or in various hard plastic containers, or even – like I did a few times – in cups. But plastic bags can get messy and are hard to locate in your bag. Hard plastic containers are so bulky. And cups obviously don’t work all that great.

Benefits of using a Syringe Holster? Convenience. Less mess. Easy to find your medications in your bag. SO CUTE. Reusable. Collapsible. Protects your syringes better than plastic bags. And a further benefit of the Syringe Holsters is the ability to sort your medications by type or, as I do, by time. I load up our Holster with all the meds for the entire day, but I order them by time, so I can just work my way from left to right as the day wears on.

Our new Syringe Holsters have 8-9 pockets (the one pictured has 8) and will hold up to 20 syringes. And though I say “up to 20,” your average person who uses a variety of sizes of syringes will fit more like 8-12 syringes, depending on whether you want to use the larger last pocket there for gtube cushions, a small med bottle, etc., or if you want to use it for syringes. These holsters will accommodate up to about 30 mL syringes.

We can absolutely make larger (or smaller) holsters. We’ve made holsters for 60 mL syringes. We’ve made holsters for 30 syringes. We’ve made holsters for 5 syringes. We can make a holster to suit your needs!

After you fill your syringes and cap them, load them into the holster with your syringes, extension, gtube cushions, whatever. Then just roll up the Holster and fasten it with the elastic cord. It secures with a cord lock. (A vast improvement, I think, over the ribbon ties of our older model.)

Our syringe holsters are still constructed using the high-quality methods we’ve always used – a layer of decorative fabric on the front that shows when the holster is rolled, a layer of decorative fabric on the inside, matching or coordinating fabric for the pockets, and a layer of sturdy thicker material hidden inside to give the holster structure, sturdiness, and longevity.  For this model, we’ve added nice, sturdy elastic cord (the same elastic cord we use on our babywearing items) and high quality cord locks.

Our syringe holsters do NOT come with any of the accessories pictured. Syringes, extensions, medications, and gtube cushions are not included. You can purchase Wallypop/Boulevard Designs Tubie Button Cushions separately, but syringes and extensions need to come from your pharmacy, your DME supplier, or a retail medical supply store.

Available through our own website here, or from our Etsy store.



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