In Praise of the Dorm Fridge

Really, one of the best things we’ve done since having Teddy, as far as medical supplies and whatnot goes, is buying a dorm fridge for his supplies and keeping it near the rest of his supplies, in his room.

image shows a white dorm fridge on a set of metal shelves with bins of syringes, medications, and other medical supplies.

We use it to hold really everything Teddy related that needs to be refrigerated. When I was pumping, it was conveniently located near my pumping station, and keeping his fresh milk in there meant no risk of the other kids accidentally spilling any. I also stored my breast pump hardware in the fridge between pumping sessions.

Keeping meds in his own fridge means a greater degree of control over the temperature (it is opened fewer times during the day) and no chance of the meds getting lost. I have never spent time digging through the fridge trying to find where one of his meds got shoved. It also means that his meds don’t mix with our food. Several of Teddy’s meds are cytotoxic, and we want to keep them as far away from our food as we can.

image shows bottles of compounded medications inside a dorm fridge.

We also use it to store his feeding set between feeds. Many people, including us, don’t wash out the feeding set between every feed – and you really can’t get it completely clean anyway. We just stash it in the fridge so the leftover food in the tubing remains at a safe temperature, and then pull it back out for the next feed.

And when we’re using home blends, the blends are stored in the dorm fridge, as well. There’s no reason they couldn’t be in the main fridge, but it’s just more convenient to have them separated.

In talking to other medical needs parents, it doesn’t seem like this idea of a separate fridge is super popular, but if there’s any way you can make it work – put it on a shelf in the closet, on top of a dresser, on shelves like we did, etc. – I do highly recommend it. It’s really made things much easier with Teddy’s meds and foods.


Author: wallypop

I'm a Work At Home, Homeschooling, Special Needs Mom! I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with my kiddos and sew fun things like diapers, baby carriers, and special/medical needs goodies for my customers. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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