But how do I cap my 60 mL syringes?

Since the introduction of our Syringe Totes, which let you carry prefilled 60 mL syringes with an ice pack to keep them cool, I get this question a lot:

“But how do I cap my syringes so they don’t leak all over?”

Well, you have several options.

Use an old extension
Shut the clip on an old extension, glue it in place if you like, and snip off the rest of the extension. Slide that puppy onto the end of your syringe and you have an awesome homemade cap. This is an ideal solution for those whose DME doesn’t provide syringes with caps, or for those who’ve bought syringes on their own without caps. (This is shown in the leftmost syringe in the image above.)

Use the caps from feeding sets
The second and third syringes in the image above are capped with the caps from feeding sets – the second syringe has the cap from the legacy feeding sets (red tip) and the third syringe has a cap from the EnFit feeding sets. Legacy caps fit much better on the syringes I own, and the EnFit ones are kind of loose, but they still work. This is a pretty simple solution for those who use both a feeding pump AND 60 mL syringes.

Buy or use syringes that come with caps
This seems obvious, but a shocking number of 60 mL syringes do NOT come with caps.  If you get syringes from your DME, ask them if they have any available with a cap. If you buy syringes on your own, look for ones with a cap. Alternatively, as mentioned below, The Squirrel Store sells caps that fit on the Miracle Syringes they (and others) sell. The two syringes to the right of the image above are two different types of syringes we’ve gotten from two different DMEs that both came with caps.

Wondering where to get syringes? I strongly prefer O Ring syringes over rubber-tip syringes. They have SUCH a long life. We’ve been using the same 5 O ring syringes for 6 years now. Rubber tip syringes tend to last us a few days max before the rubber starts sticking really bad, and then we have to baby them along with olive oil for continued function – not exactly easy to use on the go!

If you weren’t already aware, some people are into squirrel rehabilitation, and those people evidently use 60 mL O ring syringes. So, some of the best places to buy O ring 60 mL syringes are squirrel rehab stores like The Squirrel Store and Chris’s Squirrels and More.  The “Miracle” Syringe sold by these stores does not come with a cap, but The Squirrel Store sells caps that will fit on the tips of the 60 mL syringes.

Author: wallypop

I'm a Work At Home, Homeschooling, Special Needs Mom! I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with my kiddos and sew fun things like diapers, baby carriers, and special/medical needs goodies for my customers. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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