Family Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast

After discovering that I was the only person in our family to have ever seen Beauty and the Beast, we decided it needed to be our next movie night. (PS, what’s up with the Human Again song? They added that after the original release, I’m assuming? Lame.)

We decorated the table with candles and my teapot. We’re keeping it classy with shot glasses as candle holders, lol. I own fancy candle holders, but I evidently don’t know where they are. Gee, haven’t used them much in the last 12 years. And my fancy teapots are all in storage, so we settled for my everyday workhorse teapot.

Also note that we spent the better part of dinnertime relighting the candles and blowing them out again, followed by demands to make a cake to go along with the candles (Teddy thought it might be his birthday).

Dinner was:

Soup Du Jour (chicken noodle)

Hot Hors D’Oeuvres (we just bought some frozen ones because me = lazy)

Cheese Souffle (ok, it was on the menu… but then I did a reality check mid-afternoon and realized that there was just no way I was actually making that. I’m a very inattentive cook, and souffle requires some level of focus.)

Beef Ragout (recipe here)

The Grey Stuff (it really is delicious) (recipe here)

Wine for the grownups and Grape Juice for the kids plus me

For our activity, we read a few stories in the afternoon, but honestly… that’s not entirely unusual for our house, and I don’t think anyone really linked the two.

We tied our napkins ’round our necks, Cherie.

The Grey Stuff


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