Family Movie Night: Cinderella

Keeping with the theme of Movies The Husband Has Not Seen, we chose Live Action Cinderella for our next movie night. Genna and I saw this movie in the theater on Mom/Genna Night, but the boys hadn’t seen it yet.

Our decorations were pathetic, but remember: this is real life, we have a budget Family Movie Night. 🙂 We own few Cinderella toys. Just three princesses – a baby Cinderella which was a gift from grandma some years ago, a Bathtub toy Cinderella, and a small action figure Cinderella. And, can I say, baby Cindy is looking mighty fine these days


Oh, and, of course, Teddy contributed to the decorations, too. (It’s “The King” from Cars. Fitting.)


Figuring out a meal was kind of challenging. Do you go with the leftover bits Cinderella was allowed to eat? Quiche? (which I wanted to do, but I’m the only one who eats my delicious quiche) Food fit for a Queen?

We ended up with:

Cheese and Crackers (because of the mice, though Genna pointed out that mice don’t eat crackers, just cheese)

Royal Roast Beef (um… just regular roast beef)

Pumpkin Rolls (yeah… I sort of envisioned this working out better… they were supposed to look like pumpkins. They really just looked like strange tube-rolls, which is what they were)

GusGus Corn (because of the scene in the animated movie where GusGus tries to stack up the corn)

Royal Steed Carrots (because I needed a vegetable and horses eat carrots) (I made candied carrots)

Champagne (7 up and blue Koolaid)



I had a few pre-dinner activities planned, but then the evening got a little chaotic, and we didn’t do most of them. We were going to play “Where is GusGus” version of the three cups/which one has the ball game, for example. But whatever.

Genna did make and decorate a crown for herself, and changed into her ballgown for the movie, though I was sitting with Teddy on my lap at that point and didn’t get a picture. 😦

Randy thought the movie was too dark, but I liked it. Though I find the Prince’s eyes to be too unnatural of a color, it’s distracting.

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