Shape matters! Wallypop Cycle Pads

“I was thinking about trying your Cycle Pads, but they look oddly shaped. Do you make any that are shaped like normal pads?”

This email is about a decade old, but I’ve received similar questions over the years. Your pads are funny looking. Your pads don’t look like my old Always pads. Your pads are shaped differently than my big-brand cloth pads. Your pads are different. The underlying worry is that our pads are different, therefore our pads are inferior. Nothing could be further from the truth!

True, Wallypop pads are shaped differently from most other pads on the market.

On purpose.

When I was initially trying out cloth pads before my first pregnancy (good heavens, it’s been nearly 14 years now), I based my first pads off of the store bought disposables that I used. You know, more or less an oval with little wings sticking out the sides. FAIL. Just like the store-bought pads, I had trouble with my underwear getting stained immediately on either side of those wings. So I made the wings a bit bigger. It was better, but on heavy days, I still had the same problem. So I made the wings bigger. Then they were kind of awkward. (And I’d love to show you pictures, but this was well before I was anticipating owning my own business, and I didn’t photograph my pattern development process like I do now.)

One day, I said, hey. Let’s forget this “wing” idea. How about if I just go straight from the top corner of the pad to the end of the snap-around bit? Make it an extended hexagon?


The result was a pad that perfectly protects the sides of underwear without any chafing or irritating edges rubbing against the upper thighs.

Guess what? Shape does matter, and the old disposable-model maxi pad shape isn’t actually the ideal shape for a cloth menstrual pad.

If you need more convincing, I combed through my emails for ones from Cycle Pad customers…

“Remember that I was worried about the shape of the pads? I decided to try one and you were right – I love it. Next payday, I’m getting a few more.”

“I’ve received my Cycle Pads. Used them for two periods. No leaks! Going to wear my good panties next month!”  (this one makes me chuckle…)

“The pads are amazing. Got them in time for my period to come back after the baby. It’s not like I enjoyed it, but the pads were comfortable and didn’t leak at all. Thank you!!!”


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