Wallypop Tenth Anniversary Celebration – SALES and GIVEAWAYS

I’ve never really known when to celebrate Wallypop’s anniversary. In truth, our “grand opening” was more of a gradual progression. Do I celebrate the date I sold my first diapers over the internet to some friends? That would have been some time in December 2003 or January 2004. Do I celebrate the day that my boss at my full time job finally told me that the stodgy company I worked for was absolutely never going to consider allowing me to work from home, even part-time, forcing me to come up with alternative income streams? That would be some time in March or early April 2004. Sometimes I think I should celebrate the day that a family member declared loudly that I’d never stick with cloth diapering, thus cementing the absolute certainty that not only would I stick with cloth diapers (and why wouldn’t I?) but that I’d do everything in my power to turn it into a successful business. 🙂 That was in March 2004. Do I celebrate the day the website finally went live and I made my first officially-named Wallypop sales? That was in October 2004. I’ve also generally felt like Wally’s birthday in April 2004 is a significant one in Wallypop history, as his name obviously contributed to the name of the company, his pending arrival prompted me to start sewing diapers and carriers, and it is for him that I left full-time out-of-the-house employment.

So, as we approach the birthday of my eldest, the one who is really to blame for Wallypop’s existence, I think we should celebrate. It’s been TEN YEARS, my friends. Ten.

Ten fun and sometimes frustrating years. Ten years of doing what I love for a living. Ten years of trying to both work and parent. Ten years of singing to babies while I stitch. Ten years of helping kids with LeapFrog Preschool on the computer while I cut diapers. Ten years of packing orders and printing mailing labels and excitedly setting each package out for the mailman. Ten years of still being so happy every time someone buys my stuff. Ten years of feel like I’m mailing out little pieces of myself with each order. Ten years of late late nights and early early mornings. Ten years of getting to know my local sewing machine repair shop very very well.

Only 1/3 of businesses survive to their 10th year, according to the Small Business Administration. In the last 10 years, we’ve had to overcome a lot: a TON of new regulations being thrown at us, upheaval in our personal lives, changing tax codes, skyrocketing cotton and wool prices. We’ve watched as parents moved from relying on Yahoo Groups to relying on Facebook groups. We’ve helped establish local babywearing and cloth diapering groups, and watched with pride as those groups have grown and helped turn Des Moines into one of the most supportive places in the nation to cloth diaper or babywear. And those 10 years have also seen an entirely new generation of parents – very very few of my customers from my first year in business are still in the market for baby things now.

It’s been an awesome journey, and we’re so grateful for our customers for both making it possible and taking it right along with us.

BUT, you didn’t come here to read me wax poetic about the last decade. You came here to find out about sales and giveaways.



To celebrate TEN YEARS in business, you can use code TENYEARS for 10% off your entire order at Wallypop and all of our sister companies (DiaperFAB, LemonDrops, and Boulevard Designs through the end of the month (midnight central time April 30).

Coupon terms: Coupon is good on currently in stock items only (including clearance items). Not good for custom items, made to order items, items previously purchased, or items to be purchased in the future. No rain checks. Good while supplies last. Sometimes things oversell and we feel super bad about that but we don’t have a replicator.



We’re giving away ten gift certificates! To enter our giveaway, jet on over to our Facebook page and participate in the giveaway thread over there.  The thread will go live April 10.



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