Types of Diapers

Starting with cloth diapering can definitely be confusing when you first start looking at all the different options available to you! However, you have basically four options.

1) Prefolds and covers. Prefolded diapers are squares of cotton with a thick absorbent layer in the middle. They must be folded around your baby and fastened, or they can be laid into a cover and held in place by the cover. Prefolds are fairly inexpensive. They require a separate cover, as well as some learned skill.  (Fleece covers are pictured, but you can use any cover you like.)




2) Fitteds and covers. Fitted diapers are like all in ones but without the waterproof layer. They need a separate cover to be waterproof, or can be worn as is around the house. Fitteds are generally inexpensive, compared to pockets or all in ones. Wallypop offers several quicker-drying options.
Cloth Diapers for Etsy Hemp Fitted


3) Pockets with inserts. Pockets are as easy as All In Ones once they’ve been “stuffed” with the absorbent layer. They are easier to wash, faster to dry, and longer lasting than all in ones. Pockets are handy for when you’re out and about, and many people prefer pockets for the majority of their stash. They are more expensive than fitteds or prefolds with separate covers, cheaper and more versatile than AIOs.


4) All In Ones. The most like disposables. Many people find these to be the easiest to use, and like to have some on hand for babysitters, grandparents, even father! The drawbacks are that they can be less absorbent when compared with other types of diapers, and they don’t last as long.

Stars All in One for Etsy



Covers: Covers come in three materials – PUL, wool, and fleece. Covers provide a waterproof layer to protect baby’s clothes (and yours) from wetness.

Fleece CoversRed Wool Soakers

Consider purchasing just a few of each type of diaper and trying them out. After a few days or weeks of use, you’ll probably develop favorites and find that some diapers sit in the drawer to be used as a last resort. Once you’ve decided what you like, then you can buy more!


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