What do I do with my used diapers until laundry day?

Some families opt to toss used diapers directly into the washing machine, but most families use some sort of storage container for their used diapers until laundry day.

Diaper pail options

Our parents used to soak our diapers in a bleach and soap solution in a big pail. We, however, do not need to do this! Not only is it not necessary, but we here at Wallypop actually do not recommend it. This is called the “wet pail” method. Some people prefer to use a wet pail, where they fill the pail with water and let the diapers soak. I personally feel that all this does is give you a heavy diaper pail that is also a drowning hazard.

So what do modern parents do? It’s called the “dry pail” method. Find a pail that suits your fancy, toss the diapers in, and let them sit there until wash day.

There are many options as far as diaper pails go. I use a stainless steel kitchen garbage can with step-action lid. I love it. Various people make and sell pails that are specifically for cloth diapering, but these are usually more expensive and less fashionable than just choosing a nice-looking garbage can. Additionally, you can opt to not use a pail at all – many families buy two or three large wet bags, and use these to store their diapers. If you have a convenient place to hang a bag near your changing area, this is a nice option.

What about poop?

While your baby is exclusively breastfed, don’t treat the dirty diapers any different from the wet ones. The poop is so water soluble, it’ll just dissolve in the wash.

Once your baby starts solids, or if your baby is formula fed, his or her poop will not be as water soluble. You’ll want to shake or scrape off as much poop as you can into the toilet before tossing the diaper into your pail. You can use reusable or flushable liners to help with this, you can purchase a diaper/toilet sprayer, you can use a rubber scraper and rubber gloves, whatever suits your fancy. Personally, I generally just shook off what I could and didn’t worry about it!

My first child was pooping on the potty well before he started eating foods like raisins and peas. (We are an EC family.) So I have no personal experience with this. But I have heard from other parents that these foods, in particular, can go through a child with relatively little change to their skins, and if this poop is not rinsed from a diaper before it is washed, the undigested raisin and pea shells will need to be removed from the clean diapers later. So, if you notice undigested food in the diaper, I would probably recommend rinsing it out or shaking/scraping it off really well before washing.

Does that sound gross? The funny thing is, by the time your child is eating these foods, it won’t even faze you.


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Hi, I am Sarah, owner of Wallypop (wallypop.net) and Boulevard Designs (boulevarddesigns.etsy.com). I homeschool, work from home, and, along with my husband, raise 3 kids, one of whom has special and medical needs. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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