Why should I wear my baby?

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No More Stroller Lugging. A stroller and car seat are large, bulky items that a person must heft into and out of the car and maneuver on crowded walkways. A sling, on the other hand, is small, lightweight, and easy to carry with you. Many can be tucked into a diaper bag or purse. This enables you to leave the car seat in the car, where it belongs!

It’s a Smarter Purchase! A typical store-bought soft carrier can be worn from birth until about 15 lbs, and can be used in one or two positions. Most slings can be used well into toddlerhood and have dozens of carrying positions to suit you and your baby.

Rest Your Arms. You’re likely to end up carrying your baby anyway, so why not get a little help? A sling helps distribute baby’s weight and takes some of the strain off of your arms!

Free Hands! The benefits of babywearing are not just for the babies. Parents benefit from having two free hands to tend to older children, tend to their own needs, or even to get some housework or shopping done.

Smarter Babies. Babies who spend less time crying have more quiet alert time, which is the behavioral state in which a baby is best able to interact with – and learn from – the environment. Also, being worn helps a baby’s developing brain make the right connections, and provides appropriate stimuli.

Easy Nursing. Nursing moms find that many slings and carriers allow them to nurse discreetly – and hands-free.

Happier Babies. Babies are happier when they are with their parents, when they can hear their mama’s heartbeat, and when experiencing the gentle sway of a parent’s motions, much like what they experienced in the womb.


Several studies have shown that babies who are carried are quieter and seem happier. A 1986 study reported in Pediatrics magazine found that “infants who received supplemental carrying cried and fussed 43% less overall, and 51% less during the evening hours.” The authors of the study concluded that “supplemental carrying modifies ‘normal’ crying by reducing the duration and altering the typical pattern of crying and fussing. The relative lack of carrying in our society may predispose to crying and colic in normal infants.”

Additionally, a worn baby is able to adapt to his new environment more easily. By extending the womb experience through use of a sling, a parent helps baby regulate his or her environment. “If left to his own resources, without the regulating presence of the mother, the infant may develop disorganized patterns of behavior: colicky cries, jerky movements, disorganized self-rocking behaviors, anxious thumb sucking, irregular breathing, and disturbed sleep. The infant, who is forced to self-calm, wastes valuable energy he could have used to grow and develop.” (Dr. William Sears)

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