Glow in the Dark

Something I saw on Facebook reminded me of this often-asked question: Can you make me a _____ that glows in the dark?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The good news is, there is a “but” that comes after that, lol.

The main obstacles to getting awesome glow in the dark Wallypop items are:

– The glow in the dark effect of most glow in the dark fabrics lasts only 3-4 washings. (such as the Michael Miller Fairy Frost Glow fabric) I am not certain, but I believe most of these fabrics get the glow effect from a surface paint, as well.
– The only longer-lasting glow fabrics I can find are very clearly made with a surface coating that is painted or sprayed on.
– There are no glow in the dark dyes, only paints. Paint is a surface coating.

Surface coatings open up a whole new arena of government regulations that are expensive to comply with. Items with a surface coating cannot get by with component testing, but must have the entire item tested. So even if I have certification that the paint is lead-free, and the rest of the item is exempt from testing, the addition of the surface coating means the entire item must go through testing.

I know that, for some of you, the above reads like “blah blah blah,” and I apologize. The long and the short of it is – I COULD make glow in the dark stuff, but in order to turn a profit after government required testing, I’d have to charge you several hundred dollars extra.



There’s nothing preventing you from acquiring your own glow in the dark paints and going to town on your items after you get them home. Buy a diaper cover, order some awesome glow in the dark fabric paints from Dharma, make sure they’re properly heat set so that they’re safe in the laundry, and Go To Town! Why not?


I know some folks make and sell children’s products that are glow in the dark. I can only assume that they are aware of and are following CPSIA rules regarding surface coatings.


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