CPSIA update

Received this today from the Real Diaper Industry Association:

When you are setting your priorities, sometimes to you need to ask, “What is the one thing without which nothing else matters?” For many in the cloth diaper industry right now, that one thing is CPSIA. If there is no amendment passed to CPSIA, many of our manufacturers will not be able to afford compliance despite the fact that they can prove that their products are lead-free. Without this amendment, many of our members will go out of business. Without this change, getting funding or networking with colleagues just doesn’t matter.

RDIA Associate Member Handmade Toy Alliance has been pouring volunteer time into lobbying legislators to get the changes to CPSIA that small-batch manufacturers need. Right now, an amendment is in markup in the Committee on Energy and Commerce in the House of Representatives. Right now, we do not have bipartisan support for the amendment. Please read the full story below, and please contact your Congressional Representative to let them know why this amendment is important to save small businesses.


And then this is quoting from the Handmade Toy Alliance:

The Handmade Toy Alliance has worked three long years to get to this point. Namely, getting a change to the Consumer Product Safety Improvment Act (CPSIA) that will stem the tide of tainted toys, almost all of which are imported, without imposing a regulatory environment on small, ethical manufacturers and crafters that will literally drive them out of business with red tape.
How can you help?
A CPSIA amendment is currently in mark up in the Committee of Energy and Commerce in the House of Representatives. This amendment should be presented for a vote in this committee soon but surprisingly, despite all the rhetoric about supporting Main Street, not a single Democrat has voiced support. (emphasis mine) If this does not change, thousands of small businesses stand to be sacrificed at the alter of partisan politics.


Is your congressman on the Committee that’s considering this amendment? Here’s the full article from the HTA, which includes a list of who is on the Committee.



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