Great Cloth Diaper Change, coming to a city near you. (especially if you live near Des Moines)

Join us to set a world record!
Saturday, April 23 – 11:00 AM – Val Air Ballroom

Cloth diapers have come a long way in past 10 years, and it’s time to stand up and be noticed. Celebrate by joining the International cloth diaper community to set the world record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously.

Our event here is Des Moines is shaping up to be pretty fun! We’ll have a photographer present, who will not only be documenting the event for Guinness, but who will be able to take pictures of your adorable cloth diapered baby! We’ll have goody bags and door prizes, too!

Do I need to RSVP? Yes! Well, sort of! RSVP is not required, but highly encouraged so we have enough witnesses to fulfull Guinness requirements. RSVP through Facebook, or by emailing me at

what will happen at the event? Please arrive around 11 am. There will be some paperwork to fill out, and we will be distributing ticket stubs to those participating in the event. By 11:30, all participants need to be inside the “diaper change” area. At 11:30, we’ll make some sort of sound and everyone will commence the change. After the diapers are changed, everyone is free to socialize or take advantage of the photographer!

who can participate? Babies must be 39 inches or shorter. They must be changed into a cloth diaper. The adult caregiver must be 18 or older.

what about my other kids, spouse, etc? Though non-diapered kids, spouses, parents, etc., are welcome to attend, only the baby being changed and one adult caregiver are allowed inside the diaper change area. If you need help watching your older kids during the actual change, please let us know.

what diapers “count”? Unfortunately, Guinness will not allow the use of diapers that are not commercially available. If you use homemade diapers that are not available for sale anywhere, you may borrow one of the loaner diapers we’ll have available at the event. Return it before you leave, and you won’t even have to wash it! Additionally, training pants are also not allowed.

what about babies who usually wear disposables? Absolutely! Babies do not need to be in cloth when they arrive, and they don’t need to be in cloth when they leave. They just need to be changed into a cloth diaper at 11:30.

If you have questions, please don’t hestiate to contact me!!

Also, if you would like to volunteer at the event, or if your spouse, mother, best friend, uncle’s roommate would like to volunteer, please let me know. Jobs are super easy, but important!!

Sarah Reid – 274-4676 –


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Our Family lives in central Iowa. We are Christians, conservatives, and crunchy granola heads. We love the outdoors, photography, and lindy hop. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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