New Office

The toy area. These short shelves used to hold our DVDs, so they’re only 5 inches wide. The top shelves have some of m things (pictures, vintage sewing books, my babywearing dolls, my vintage coffee can full of knitting needles, and my Watch In My Office Only DVDs. To the left there is Part I of the fabric storage. Cotton prints, twills, bottomweights, suedecloth, knits, and wools.

New Office

On the right, the giant TV and my picture boards. Then shipping supplies and inventory. Two crates on the floor for pillows, pads, and blankets for the kids.

New Office

Inventory. These shelves used to hold our books. They’re several inches too wide for the crates, leaving me a quandary. I feel all inefficient with so much wasted space, but it seems a little silly to buy new bins for the inventory just because my shelves are too wide. No labels yet – I’m working on it!

New Office

Patterns in the drawers on the left. And you can see just the chair of the little discussion table I have for customers. PUL goes in the green shelves. Flannels on the black shelves. Silks and Minkee in the black bins. The top black bin is for smaller chunks of my frequently used fabrics from the giant rolls – microfiber, sherpa, flannel, and terry. The dehumidifier’s winter location, and the black thing on the right is my awesome heater, with a cardboard box on top that needs to be recycled!

New Office

The desk nook. You can see the air purifier box (I need to unpack that thing and get it set up!) next to Wally’s desk on the left. Next to his desk is my sewing desk, and then my supply bins.

New Office

My sewing desk with my project board hanging above it. The sump pump is there with a pile of phone cord on top. We have cordless phones here, but my office is in a Cordless Phone Free Zone. It’s like a secure bunker. So I have to get a corded phone, and I wanted to wait until I knew what the phone looked like and where it would sit before hanging the cord.

New Office

On the left, supply bins. Then my desk. And to the right, the bins that hold Cut fabrics.

New Office

And my window, with my view of the chickens. I kind of have to stand on my tiptoes to see out, but hey, it’s better than nothing.


Author: sarahtar

Hi, I am Sarah, owner of Wallypop ( and Boulevard Designs ( I homeschool, work from home, and, along with my husband, raise 3 kids, one of whom has special and medical needs. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

4 thoughts on “”

  1. OH how organized!! I bet you will find little baskets for those ‘wasted spaces’ soon enough 🙂
    what are your “Watch In My Office Only DVDs”?
    please tell me about your heater 🙂

    1. The DVDs are just silly things I buy for myself. Right now, I have Get Smart season 1 and Battlestar Galactica season 1. (I’ve already gone through all of the I Dream Of Jeannies and Bewitcheds, and about half the Little Houses.) They’re just DVDs that nobody else wants to watch and that don’t require actually paying attention. I don’t actually watch them. I play them while I”m working and mostly just listen with quick glances every now and then.

      The heater is nothing particularly special or expensive. We bought it on clearance at Home Depot a few years ago in the spring (we always buy space heaters in the spring and fans in the fall, lol). It was still a few hundred, but retails for up near a thousand. It looks like a wood burning stove, which is what we REALLY wanted, but can’t have for a myriad of reasons. (Or, how about – we COULD have one, but have chosen not to because the hoops to jump through are too numerous and PITAy.) It doesn’t get hot to the touch, except underneath, mostly out of reach of little fingers. It heats beautifully. Our basement is completely unheated – it used to get its heat from the boiler – which was horribly inefficient, and part of that inefficiency was providing heat to the basement. When we replaced it, we had to start finding good heaters. This one is good.

  2. i TOTALLY LOVE IT — so can i get you to come here and finsih my basement and establish order to my live … Sarah, you should be so proud of yourself, that is amazing and so “all done” —

    1. Yeah, well, let me finish the rest of the basement, then the attic, kitchen, and front room… and then we can talk, lol. I used to spend my summers at my grandma’s house rearranging her cupboards.

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