Here is my babywearing story

My babywearing story is nothing special. I had a baby. He was a snuggler and hated to be alone. He just always wanted to be with other people, preferably right up next to them. I started out with a ring sling, then a wrap and a mei tai. (and then many, many more.)

With the carriers, I could wash dishes. I could run my business. I could clean the house. In short, I could live my life, while also caring for my baby. Baby carriers even allowed us to hike up to the top of Mt Timpanogos in Utah.

Enter the second baby, during a period of time when we were busy with activities with our firstborn, then 5. The Science Center is much easier with a baby contentedly snoozing in a sling than it would be with a baby unhappily alone in a stroller.

This baby was different from the first – she was not as snuggly, but much more demanding. She didn’t need snuggles as much as she needed activity and motion. Without carriers, I would have quickly started to resent how much she needed to be carried and, particularly, bounced. Long evenings bouncing her to sleep were easier to cope with when I could hold a book or my knitting in my hands while she wriggled in the wrap.

Really, my babywearing story is just the story of mothering.


Author: sarahtar

Hi, I am Sarah, owner of Wallypop ( and Boulevard Designs ( I homeschool, work from home, and, along with my husband, raise 3 kids, one of whom has special and medical needs. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

One thought on “Here is my babywearing story”

  1. We have 6 children and have worn them all in carriers. Some children more than others. For our family, it has been a way for dad to bond with a child from newborn to toddlerhood. I enjoy being close to baby, yet being able to get out of the home and go on with my day.

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