Custom Wrap/MT Hybrid

I threw this carrier on quick before bundling it up for its trip to Japan! It’s a custom-made wrap and Mei Tai hybrid – like a Mei Tai, but with really wide straps. (Or like my narrow-body Podegi, but with waist straps.) Photography by Wally (6).

Wrap/Mei Tai Hybrid

It’s really comfortable! In addition to the wrap-like straps, it has a sleeping hood, which I’m holding up out of the way so you can see how the carrier looks. The sleeping hood will be handy for a back carry, but with the wrap-like straps, a sleeping baby’s head could easily just be tucked under the straps as they would be in a wrap.

I had hoped this picture would give you a closer look at how much like a wrap it is with those wide straps, but it was bad lighting and, while Wally’s good at composing pictures, he’s not so great at letting me know when a picture is going to be grainy from poor light!!

Wrap/Mei Tai Hybrid


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