Cloth Diapering Vacation Strategy

I think too much attention is being paid to how to diaper while on vacation and not enough to before and after the vacation strategies. Where is this attention being misplaced, you might ask? Well, fine. I just made that part up.

But, even so, you see lots of advice about what to take on a trip, but very little on what to do the day before a trip. And suddenly, you’re heading out the door for a 2 week vacation and you’re struck with panic about what to do with the 5 wet or dirty diapers you have in the diaper pail.


Here’s what our family does.

Day before Trip: wash diapers. Pack diapers.

If we’re getting up really early to leave in the morning, I’ll collect all diapers used between when i washed and when the kid went to bed and wash them, too. Dry if I have time, otherwise, tossing them randomly over pieces of furniture to air dry works, too. This just leaves the diaper that’s actually on the kid, and here I do one of three things when it’s time to change her and throw her in the car – I rinse the diaper out quick and hang it in the bathroom, or I just hang it up to dry without rinsing (outside if possible), or I bring the wet diaper along with us in the wet bag.

If we’re not leaving until later in the day, I’ll collect all diapers used between when I did laundry and about an hour before we’re planning to leave and I’ll wash them, then set them out to dry, and will treat the remaining diaper as above. If i, in fact, need those diapers in order to have enough diapers on our trip, then I’ll just bring them along and wash them on our first laundry day on our trip.

I’ll stop here to note that we don’t use diapers all that often when we’re at home, since we EC.


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Our Family lives in central Iowa. We are Christians, conservatives, and crunchy granola heads. We love the outdoors, photography, and lindy hop. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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  1. what do you use to wash your CD’s?

  2. Whatever laundry detergent i happen to be using for our clothes. Over my years of diapering, I’ve used (more or less in order):

    All Free and Clear
    Arm and Hammer
    Melaleuca (which sucked and didn’t even get our clothes clean)
    Costco brand free and clear
    (I have done some alternating between these two for about 2 years now)

    I’ve recently decided to try Charlie’s (which I actually have always recommended against because of the possibility – though small – of a child receiving chemical burns from Charlies)
    And I have Country Save to try out, as well.

    Every detergent starts to build up after a while, and so then I switch.

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