Always a Good Time at Walmart (babywearing again)

Stopped at Walmart yesterday to pick up a few folding tables for this weekend’s Naturally Green Expo (convention center downtown all day Saturday and Sunday, be there or be square!).

Also ran over to the grocery section to get something for Wally. I had asked him if he wanted a small treat (sometimes, at random, he gets a fun treat – something small, usually edible – when we’re out running errands). Yes, he wanted a pizza without cheese and without pepperoni. Um, ok. So we got a pizza crust and some sauce and that’s what he had for lunch. (He’s allergic to cheese, we think, so he doesn’t eat cheese on his pizza.)

Back to the point.

Genna wanted to nurse, and so I stopped for a minute to put her in the wrap. I do not wrap conventionally – most people start putting the  wrap on themselves first, then throw the baby in and finish tying. I usually start by holding Genna, and then wrap the wrap around both of us. Same end result, different process. So I’m wrapping and holding her and I’m sure it looks strange, but an employee came up and picked up the strap that I wasn’t working with and starts wrapping it around me and tucking it in. What the heck? And all she said was “oh! oh! Oh!” hm?

I turned around and said “can I help you?”  “Oh, you just needed help!” “Nope. I’m fine, I’ve got it under control. I don’t need any help. Thanks.” She kept tucking and I had to step away and let her know that she was doing the opposite of helping before she’d leave me alone.

So we proceed down the pizza crust aisle and I am literally being chased by an older Asian gentleman. “Excuse me! Excuse me!”

Turns out, he wanted to know about the wrap. How it works. Etc. Then he tells me that back in the old country, in China, they have carriers they use but they’re not as good. (which was an interesting take.) He starts to describe a Mai Tai and I said, Oh, yes, I have one of those, too. I love it! Oh, well, he thought the wrap was a much better design. All in broken English with pauses to find the right word. It was a lovely conversation and I wished I’d had business cards on me (always carry cards, Sarah!!).


About sarahtar

Our Family lives in central Iowa. We are Christians, conservatives, and crunchy granola heads. We love the outdoors, photography, and lindy hop. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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  1. haha…i have this issue with my aunt. every single time i’m putting a kiddo in a carrier or wrap when she’s around, she thinks she needs to help. she’s been trying ever since Oli was born, 21 months ago! i think she’s starting to get it though, the other day she actually asked first if i needed help, and when i said no thanks, she left me alone.
    regarding business cards, sometimes i wish i carried your business cards too! i have had so many people ask me where i got my bbs, and i just have a feeling they aren’t going to remember the name Wallypop when they get home. i always want to write your website on their hands or something!

  2. My MIL does the same thing. SO annoying!

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