Moving away from plastic – food storage


Thanks to some keen Black Friday sales, we replaced our plastic food storage with glass food storage.

Not all of it.

We realized in going through our plastic containers that some of them aren’t really practical to replace with glass. The big cookie tubs, for example. (That would be, the tubs where we store cookies after we’ve baked them.) Plastic’s not going to hurt the cookies, and I can’t see using up glass containers just for cookies. The small cups we use for salad dressing, or peanut butter, or any number of liquidy goodies for packed lunches seemed logical to keep, too. And last, the small bowls of Tupperware I use for storage of baby food. And that only because Miss Genna likes to feed herself and she also likes to drop things onto the floor and my tolerance for cleaning up broken glass is pretty low. The food is heated in a glass container if need be, and then transferred to the plastic if she’s going to be feeding herself.

But everything else – glass. Pyrex, actually. With plastic lids.

So far, I completely love it. It’s been nice, particularly, to be able to heat up leftovers in the same container they were in in the fridge, whether we want to microwave them or heat them in the oven.

The lids are very tight-fitting, and haven’t leaked at all in Randy’s lunchbag, which is nice, as well.

(If you’re wondering what’s in the cupboard – the bottom shelf is the glass plus the lids. The top shelf is the small baby food bowls there in the center. Next to them are the plastic cups for salad dressing etc. The taller cups go with my Magic Bullet (love), and the black and multicolored plastic parts on the far right go with them. In the back is the yogurt maker, a food grinder, and a few other kitchen-y things. And on the left is some ice cube trays and I think an egg tray that we use for snacks sometimes.)


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  1. Within the last 6 months we also switched to glass storage, and I love it! I got the set from Costco (which is an amazing price) with the snap close lids. Also found a set on Craigslist never opened round pyrex with lids. Love those too.

    Only problem for us is that the plastic used to be stored in the bottom pull out drawer that the kids had access too. I had to get creative and switch some things around because like you, I too, loathe cleaning up glass. Especially with kids around. Especially tricky because we have tile floors in the kitchen and stuff breaks on a dime.
    Anyways, just wanted to really say that storing food in clear, glass containers is wonderful! Don’t know why I didn’t convert sooner.

  2. I recently saw glass food storage containers at Sams Club. They came with lids and were just under $30 for a set.

  3. Do check up on the safety of those pyrex glass containers as far as heating and cooling goes, etc. I have read that the newer Pyrex are made with a cheaper type of glass that if slightly, invisibly cracked, can shatter if liquid seeps into it. The cracks are caused by repeated heating (baking?) and cooling. If you are just using them for food storage I’m sure it is okay. But I have heard of people being scarred and burned from taking something out of the oven in one of these and it blowing up in their face. Not trying to freak you out, but I have a daughter and I decided to stop using them to bake because I’m not taking any chances with that! I use an old ceramic Corningware from the thrift store to bake, as well as the old pyrex glass stuff. Cheaper used, too! : )

  4. Wow, that’s good to know. We only use ours for storage and, occasionally, heating up in the microwave.

  5. Great article. Finding the perfect glass food storage container can be tricky.

  6. The magic bullet cups leach BPA. I only found this out recently and was quite disappointed. I’ve been trying to find glass cups to replace the plastic ones for the magic bullet.. Someone should really start making them! Or magic bullet company should just convert to glass!

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