Cloth Diapering in Utah

So I had hoped before we left for our vacation to be able to find a store that sold cloth diapers, or maybe a nursing necklace. I like to get myself little treats like that on vacation, you know?

I couldn’t find any physical stores with diapers, and the only Salt Lake cloth diaper shop I did find offered only local pickup, not local shopping. And she seemed to sell mainly national brands anyway, which, well, if that’s what I wanted, I could certainly get locally here. And the point is to get something I can’t get here.


We stopped by a natural goods store in Salt Lake called Earth Goods General Store. They carried Firefly diapers, which I didn’t end up buying, because they were all unwashed hemp, and I hardly had the ability to prewash hemp. (And, if I can be snobby, I really get annoyed at WAHMs who don’t prewash hemp.)

But the utter lack of CD supplied kind of surprised me, considering how large Salt Lake City is. Not to mention, there was NOTHING in Park City, which has always struck me as a very earthy, hippie kind of place.

At any rate. On our last day there, we decided to eat out for dinner, and we went to a place called Spin Cafe in Heber City (near where we camp). Our lovely waitress (Hi, Jenna!) commented on Genna’s knit wool soakers when we were seated, in her lovely Australian (um, I think) accent. As we were leaving, we made some small talk, and it turns out that Jenna also has a baby who is in cloth diapers. I asked her if there are many CD users in the area and she said NO. She said she gets all of her support from online friends (yay internet).

That’s too bad, really. But I’m glad we stopped in at that Cafe! Jenna was super friendly, and it was awesome running into another cloth user while on vacation.

Stay tuned for a post on using cloth while on vacation or camping.


Author: sarahtar

Hi, I am Sarah, owner of Wallypop ( and Boulevard Designs ( I homeschool, work from home, and, along with my husband, raise 3 kids, one of whom has special and medical needs. Turn ons are people who are polite, honesty, and really good root beer. Turn offs are mean people and people who make my life more difficult.

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