Somebody Asked… about free samples.

Got this email today.

I’ve been wanting to start CD my 1 yr old! But don’t know where to start. I don’t know what kind to try Or what will work for her! I don’t want to buy diapers to find out they don’t work and So I was wondering if you’d be generous enough to send us a sample? We want to try an AIO, pocket, or fitted with cover! Just something So I can get the feel of cloth diapering. We will be buying if they work for her! Thank you for understanding.

Hmmmm. No. I mean, wouldn’t we ALL love that? I’ll take one sample of EVERY type of diaper out there, K? And then I’ll decide which I like best, and buy more. (though if I had gotten enough free samples, I wouldn’t need to buy anything, right?)

My response:

Hello, Heather! No, we don’t send out free diapers, but good luck finding someone who will. I understand your not wanting to experiment, but it’s like anything else in life, and sometimes involves trial and error. Your best bet is to buy high-quality diapers, and stick with something simple like prefolds and covers or fitteds and covers. AIOs and pockets are much more prone to problems.

I’m sure when you started buying clothes for your child, you also didn’t want to buy a brand only to find out it didn’t fit quite right, but I’m sure you also had to learn the hard way that some brands fit better than others, right? Same with food – when our family first switched to natural peanut butter, we hated to spend the money on it only to find out it tasted like butt, however, that’s exactly what we had to do, and eventually we found a great local producer whose product tastes great. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. It’s no different with diapers, or anything else.


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  1. What a rude response. Heather obviously came to you because she trusts your opinions on CD. Your response to a simple request was condescending and snotty. I will not be reading our blog.

  2. Goodness, I’m sorry! I thought my response was actually not condescending at all – many people simply don’t understand that diapering is a lot like anything else – it’s trial and error. Asking for free items that cost $10-15 is pretty ballsy, in my opinion.

    Heather was not asking for my opinions or thoughts on diapers – she was asking for free product. For what it’s worth, at least eight other CD mamas who follow me on Twitter posted that they received the same form email from the same woman.

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