Somebody asked about…Sizing

Sizing is probably the one thing I get the most questions about. It’s so hard on diapers, and the weight ranges are only broad estimates, because each baby is so differently sized.

When I was a teenager, Teen magazine had a picture essay of  120 lbs. They photographed some 10 teens who all weighed 120 lbs. Some were tall and skinny, some short and plump, some were small but thick. They were all so different, and wore clothing of all sizes.

Babies are the same – 8 lbs can be long and skinny, or it can be short and fat. Add to this that they grow so quickly and at such different rates from each other… sigh. it’s tough to size a diaper on the phone or via mail!

Wallypop diapers are sized somewhat uniquely, but I think most companies have their own unique sizing. Our smalls are true smalls. Theyr’e not newborn size (doesn’t mean they won’t fit your newborn!). They’re small. They fit for a few months, max.

Our mediums are totally awesome, though, and will fit most babies once they’ve outgrown small diapers until they’ve potty trained. I’ve moved both my kids over at about 3 or 4 months. Though I made liberal use of the crossover tabs (which is why they’re there) the dipes and covers fit wonderfully at that age! And, they continued to fit Wally until he was nearly 4. And he’s not a small kid.

The Larges are quite a bit bigger than the mediums. Not necessarily around – but in the rise. To accommodate kids at that age, who are usually not getting a whole lot bigger around, but definitely are getting taller!


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