All About: Fleece Wraps (Covers)

Wallypop fleece covers. I love them, personally. I wrote about this recently here.

The fleece

I only use very particular fleeces for my covers. I use these fleeces because I think they are the very best for covers. I arrived at this conclusion based on my own experience and research, as well as the experiences of others.

I only use Malden Mills brand fleece. They developed fleece a while back, and the continue to produce the highest-quality fleece available. Their fleece does not pill, fade, or mat.

I only use Malden Mill’s Windpro or Windbloc fleece. These particular fleeces are water (and wind) proof, yet breatheable. Malden Mills says of WindPro, “The tight knit construction of the Polartec Wind Pro blocks 95% of the wind, yet is highly breathable…This fabric is intended for outerwear garments.” They describe Windbloc as having “a 100% windproof, water-resistant, breathable barrier, eliminating the need for a windbreaker or other additional shell. They are ideal for outdoor activities when cold and inclement weather demand high-perfomance outer protection.”

Within these two categories of fleece, I have a list of about 10 style numbers I feel are the very best for covers. I try to stick to those style numbers.

I am often asked why the Fleece covers are available only in boring colors, usually darker colors. Well, these are the colors the fabric is available in. It’s made for high-end sporting goods like jackets for backpackers. I could probably get different colors if I had it milled specially for me, but then I’d have to either buy like 30 times the amount I normally do, or I’d have to charge you double. Or both.


I make my fleece covers with HEMMED edges at the legs and waist, rather than using elastic binding. A few babies are sensitive to the elastic binding, and also it can tend to wick. Sewing them with hidden elastic and a hemmed seam eliminates both of these problems, and provides for a better fit, in my opinion. I’ve made myself some fleece covers using elastic binding, but I still prefer the hemmed edges, so that’s what I stock for the store. (Yes, many of my business decisions are based on what I personally prefer!)

In-stock fleece covers are made with Touchtape with the usual fold-back laundry tabs and crossover tabs at the waist. They are also available with snap closures if you order made to order.

When do I use fleece covers?

Personally, I tend to use fleece covers at night or when Genna’s wearing a shirt with pants, or a shirt without pants, or a loose one-piece outfit. I don’t use fleece covers with onesies or tighter-fitting one-piece outfits. I would not use a fleece cover for a long car trip. Fleece CAN be prone to compression wicking, meaning that when it gets pressure (like from a tight onesie or pressure of sitting in a carseat for long periods), it can wick through. Wicking generally does not cause WET clothes like leaking will, but it causes DAMP clothes.


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