All About: All In One Diapers

All In One diapers.

First, why I make them the way I do.

I give customers so many options with AIOs because I’ve found that everyone wants something slightly different. While most styles of AIO are made with hidden elastic, some (the feel-wet inners) are made with elastic binding. Elastic binding simply works best for the feel-wet inners, whereas hidden elastic tends to work better for the other styles.

I don’t topstitch AIOs. When I first started making AIOs, I found that I had more wicking problems with them when they were topstitched, and also that I preferred to have the legs roll out anyway. Now that I’ve had a second baby, I’ve tried some AIOs both ways – topstitched, as well as not topstitched – and have really not had any preference, or found any difference in performance.

My personal favorite AIO style is with a feel-wet (flannel) inner and edge-sewn soaker. That said, I am not a huge fan of AIOs. They take a long time to dry. They don’t perform as well as a two-piece system, and they’re completely inflexible. AIOs are the absolute last thing I reach for.

Second, inventory.

I don’t currently have AIOs in inventory. AIOs are not my best selling product. I mean, they sell OK, but I don’t sell through them as fast as many other products, so they tend to be lower on my priority list for restocking. I’m also currently of two minds with the AIOs. I have historically inventoried AIOs with hidden soakers, but I’m leaning towards inventorying the edge-sewn soakers when I restock. These are, however, a bit harder/more time consuming to make, and I’m not sure if that would necessitate a price change.

Third, customer response to the AIOs.

AIOs receive the most varied feedback of any of our products. I think this is true of most brands of AIOs, and likely stems from the fact that, with an AIO in particular, fit is so important. A bit loose, a bit tight, not absorbent enough – it will cause leaking.

Those who like the AIOs, seem to really really love them. And then some people really really don’t like them. (Or, more accurately, they want to like them, but they just simply do not work for their kid.) Yes, it’s hard to tell in advance which camp you’ll fall into. However, I can almost guarantee you that if you buy 2 dozen of them, you’ll be one of those for whom they don’t work.

Fourth, washing and drying. I get this question a lot: aren’t all in ones hard to get clean?

I can see why you might think so. However, after receiving back one of my original AIOs after it saw use by several families and for several years, I cut it open to check it out, and it was completely clean. They need to be washed thoroughly, and dried thoroughly, but they get just as clean as anything else.


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